Kim Kardashian Superstar Not So Super

So it turns out if you are a white girl with a big ass, friends with Paris Hilton or having been a porn star doesn’t guarantee you popularity with rappers. Who would have guessed, huh? Well Kim K found this little fact out the hard way recently or so says a report in Fox News, as she was denied access to the Lil Wayne on Saturday night.

FOX NEWS : Kim Kardashian and Avril Lavigne Denied Entry to Lil Wayne’s Grammy Bash

Just because you’re on the VIP guest list doesn’t mean you’ll be always be given the royal rundown of Hollywood – a lesson Kim Kardashian and Avril Lavigne learned the hard way at the Cash Money Records Party for Lil Wayne on Saturday night.

New Beverly Hills hotel, The Montage, wasn’t quite equipped to handle the chaotic crowds and according to eyewitness, a riot pretty much broke out when the rapper arrived and head of security at the top-notch property called in the cops for fear of someone getting severely injured.

Those lucky enough to get inside had the pleasure of watching Paris Hilton dance to Lil Wayne and Kevin Rudolph’s performance well into the early hours and schmooze with the likes of Russell Simmons, Timbaland and TI. While Cash Money thought the soiree was a huge success, inside snitches told Tarts that the hotel was pretty peeved by the bad behavior that went on …

But staff members weren’t alone in their anger, we’re told Kim Kardashian was refused entry as the venue was at capacity and even waited around for quite a while before finally giving up in a huff. Avril Lavigne was also omitted, but instead was pretty cool about having to peace out without being able to party.

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