Former Miss USA shocked at how creepy some men are

Fox News is running a report about former Miss USA turned Vivid porn star.  It’s a pretty interesting read but the long and short of it is, Kelli McCarty’s family supports her decision to be a porn star and she’s creeped out by how some men think that by being in a porno she’s automatically a slut and will fuck them.  I think they were a little disappointed to find out that she was always a slut and becoming a porn star had nothing to do with making her that way.   But even funnier is that she wouldn’t fuck them then and she still won’t fuck them now and to add further insult to injury she’s going on Fox News and making fun of them about it.  In the story she also revealed she would be appearing in a men’s magazine in the near future. ie: Playboy, Penthouse, Hustler.  My guess is Penthouse but she’s probably trying to hold out for Playboy.  A few years ago they wouldn’t have her but with the arrival of those freaky looking Twins who claim to be Hef’s girlfriend you never know.  Their standards seemed to have dropped.  So we’ll see.


FOX NEWS: She’s gone from pageants to “Passions” to porn and it seems Kelli McCarty has finally found her favorite career. The former Miss USA of 1991 (who also played the role of Beth Wallace on the NBC soap “Passions” for seven years as well as a recurring role in the Disney Channel series “Even Stevens”) has shed her sash sister image by releasing a (very) adult film, “Faithless” with Vivid Entertainment.

I enjoy acting, and I really like sex, so this was the perfect opportunity to combine two of my passions,” McCarty told Tarts. “It was a pretty easy transition, I think mainstream television is definitely starting to merge with the adult world anyway – it’s all about sex and nudity, and I’ve been pretending to have love scenes on ‘Passions’ for years anyway.

While the on-screen adjustment wasn’t too much of a sweat for McCarty, she was shocked at how the men in her personal life have suddenly changed their tune.

These are guys that I’ve known for a long time that are a suddenly putting it out there, they think because I have sex on television I must want to do it with them, too. Its really creepy and disturbing, being an adult film star does not automatically put you into the slut category,” McCarty said. “Maybe you’d expect that from people you don’t know, but this is coming from guys I considered friends. Weird.

Despite that small downside, the Kansas native said her family is particularly supportive of her racy new role and exposing so much for the lights and camera has actually been a blessing.

It’s such an accomplishment, I co-wrote the script and had it in my contract that I was to have a lot of power and control in the production which I never had in the mainstream,” McCarty added. “I’m happy that I can be out there talking openly about it, I’m so proud that I could make this happen.

McCarty’s starring role in “Faithless” marks the first time a former Miss USA (let alone a well-known television actress) has made the leap into the adult entertainment arena and according to Vivid co-chairman Steven Hirsch, her performance as a cheating wife is that of a “natural porn star.”

As it turns out, by any standard, Kelli’s performance in “Faithless” is incredibly erotic. She smolders sex from every pore of her body,” said Hirsch.

The 39-year-old starlet isn’t sure if she’ll make another XXX film as she has a sitcom, reality show and book deal bubbling in the works, but that doesn’t mean she won’t be stripping off again sometime very soon.

The men’s magazines have all been calling. I’m not sure what one I’m going to do yet but I’ll definitely pose, I love that stuff,” she added.

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