Opie and Anthony and the Penthouse Pet Fiasco

This just in, Penthouse Pet of the year for 2009 runner up Shawna Lenee has mental breakdown live on the Opie and Anthony show.  What makes this story so interesting is this isn’t the first time.  Shawna Lenee is also the porn star known as Kara Bare and Kara Mynor.   As Kara Bare (see here)  she had a big ordeal in 2006 when trying to kill herself and as Kara Mynor (see here)  she had a big ordeal claiming that she was locked up and held prisoner in a cage.


In the background the handler was trying to calm her down and she shouts out “No fuck these people!  They are assholes!”  But in reality are they assholes?  I mean just 24 hours ago she was on the Howard Stern show riding a sex machine and during the course of the conversation it was Shawna Lenee who continued to steer the conversation towards towards her sex scenes including work she had done recently for Brazzers.

O&A have this to say about her … “Crazy as a shit house rat!”

This all took place on the Friday (2/13/2009) show of Opie and Anthony when they had the 2009 Penthouse Pet of the year Taya Parker who is also on the upcoming reality show Rock of Love Bus.  With her was the Penthouse Pet of the Year runner-up Shawna Lenee who also happens to be on the cover of this month’s issue of Penthouse.    Any question they asked, she steered the question not towards her magazine layout but instead towards her acting career, stating she started off in hardcore.  In fact she recently did a movie called I love Shawna (click here to view the trailer).

She talks about is how she has wanted to do porn since she was 12 years old.  She said she knew at that young of an age she wanted to get naked for a living.  That is the age when she first discovered Internet porn and from there she knew that is what she wanted to do for a living.  She said that she loves to look at beautiful naked women.  She then discusses her first scene in porn which she described as a “regular boy / girl” scene.  She later talks about how she did all these “teen” scenes and how she was really sad when she hit 20 because nobody wanted to hire her anymore because technically she was no longer a teen. MAYBE IT WAS NOT BECAUSE OF YOUR AGE BUT BECAUSE YOU ARE MENTALLY UNSTABLE?

She is the one that drives the conversation around her hardcore career and the second they pull up a photo of her that isn’t so flattering, she gets unhinged.  She’s beyond unreasonable.  She wants to be known as a Penthouse Pet only and yet she is the one going into details about her movies, her scenes and having sex.  And again I remind you that just 24 hours ago she was on Howard Stern riding a sex machine, so why is it now she comes unglued when they call her out for being a slut?

You know what I learned from watching all of this?  That clearly someone at Penthouse dropped the ball.  This person makes Penthouse look bad and I lost any respect for that magazine that I might have had left for not implementing a better screening process.  Clearly this girl has had years and years of mental instability and they pick this person of all the other choices to rep them?  Good job Penthouse.

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  1. http://www.megaupload.com/?d=03OKJ0LM

    She’s out of her F-ing mind.

    Somebody close to her needs to stage a psychological intervention.

    She couldn’t handle the transition of having her salad figuratively tossed by Hoo Hoo the day prior to O&A trying to actually milk some humor out of the situation for the betterment of their listenership.

    Listen to Taya Parker during the audio to see how a real pro, not to mention somebody who’s mentally grounded, handles the situation.

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