Kayden Kross The Felon

I was doing some digging on my own on this Kayden Kross story and here is what I was able to find. The case against Kayden Kross was filed on August 6, 2008, although it seems she was only recently arrested for it. Which apparently is why the story is just now breaking.  She is in jail and this is considered a very serious matter.  What makes it even more serious is the overall state of the economy and the mortgage crisis.  The government has just bailed out two major lenders and from what I am hearing, courts are taking any cases of real estate fraud with more severity than they ever have before.  Throw in the fact that the victims in this matter is a disabled vertern during a time of war and well, as you can imagine things are not looking good for this former Vivid girl and current Adam and Eve contract girl.

I think what bothers me the most in this whole ordeal is her lame ass excuse. “I WAS YOUNG STUPID” isn’t cutting it for me. Anyone past 10 years old can’t claim they didn’t know that stealing was wrong. Fraud is fraud and fraud against a man and women with four children that was already in a fucked up situation is even worse.  This bitch knew right from wrong.   This is no grey line here or I was young and didn’t know that stealing their money was bad.    Any respect I gained for Kayden Kross from her postings I have lost now with this bullshit.

OWN UP TO WHAT YOU DID AND FUCKING DO RIGHT BY THESE PEOPLE! not because you have to but because it’s the right thing to fucking do.

Apparently she was originally charged with three counts of something however the #2 count seems to have been dropped. As of now she has just the two charges remaining.  The first is listed as a Criminal felony charge – PC 487(A) (this is grand theft). The second is also a criminal felony charge – CCC1695.3. This is the charge relating to real estate fraud. This charge stems from the Home Equity Sales Contract Act Section 1695. Specifically the part where “by a deed from a trustee acting under the power of sale contained in a deed of trust or mortgage at a foreclosure sale conducted”.

In addition to Kayden Kross, another man by the name of William Henley was also charged on the same date.  He has two charges pending. The first was the same as Kayden’s which was the criminal felony, grand theft – PC 487(A).

The second charge for Mr. Henley was the criminal felony charge of CCC2945.4(D) . This is a law that is meant t0 safeguard against deceit. In short it is meant to protect the homeowners in foreclosures that are subject to unfair dealings by “foreclosure consultants“.

Both Kayden Kross and William Henley are scheduled to be arraigned in this matter on October 14th at 10:30 am at the downtown Sacramento courthouse.

Although it may not be the same person, but there was a William Scott Henley court case or two with a William Scott Henley also out of Sacramento (same name and location as the defendant in the Kayden Kross case) involved in a company called Liquidation Properties, Inc. One of them shows 11 causes of action again him … 1st for Breach of Contract; the 2nd for Intentional Misrepresentation of Fact/Fraud; the 3rd for Negligent Misrepresentation of Fact; the 4th for Violation of the Federal Truth in Lending Act; the 5th for Predatory Lending in Violation of Financial Code §4970 et seq.; the 6th for Unfair Business Practices in Violation of Cal. Bus. and Prof. Code §17200, the 7th for Fraudulent, Deceptive, and Unfair Dealing by Home Equity Purchasers in Violation of Cal. Civil Code §1695 et seq.; the 8th for Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress; the 9th for Negligent Infliction of Emotional Distress; the 10th for Declaratory Relief; and the 11th for Accounting.

This case may be the same as the one Kayden Kross went down for or another one all together.   Either way you can read the full legal filing here.

Interestingly enough Twistys just released a new photo set of Kayden Kross that is pretty fucking hot.  Click here to see it.