The -I was young and stupid- defense

Does “I was young and stupid” really count as a good legal defense? Well apparently we are about to find out as that is the story that the lovely miss Kayden Kross is giving as her excuse for defrauding a disabled vet, his wife and four children out of their home.  Kayden Kross is a former Vivid girl who went on to sign with Adam and Eve.  Kayden Kross was in the news a lot it seems lately with her appearnce on the Opie and Anthony radio show, to being punched in the face, to getting arrested in the airport for stealing her own dog from her ex boyfriend, to being a celebrity blogger for Mike South.

Porn Star Kayden Kross in jail for mortgage fraud and grand theft!

AVN reportst that  Kayden Kross Charged in Mortgage Scam.   This is such a great story.  I couldn’t make up shit this good.

Kayden Kross Charged In Mortgage Scam

Starlet is scheduled for arraignment Oct. 14 in Sacramento

SACRAMENTO – Adult star Kayden Kross has been accused of violations of California’s Penal Code, reportedly involving investments she made in foreclosed homes. The charges include grand theft (Sec. 487(a) of the Penal Code) and violations of the Civil Code involving contracts for purchases of home equity (Sec. 1695.3).

While the exact nature of the charges in the criminal complaint are not yet known, knowledgeable sources have told AVN that the charges involve Kross and other defendants having purchased at least two homes that were in foreclosure but still occupied, in an arrangement where Kross would assume ownership and collect rent on the properties until the occupants were in a position to buy back the properties. However, none of that information is currently verified.

“We’re really at the initial stages of the case, so a lot of the details are unknown,” said Kross’s attorney Jon-Paul Valcarenghi of the Sacramento firm of Rothschild Wishek & Sands. “What I can tell you is that Miss Kross was 20 years old and financially inexperienced when she became the victim of two mortgage professionals that she naively trusted. At least one other young woman was similarly victimized, and we intend to investigate these allegations and vigorously defend Miss Kross.”

When asked to define the term “mortgage professionals” and to describe what form the victimization took, Valcarenghi said he was unable to be more forthcoming.

“Here’s why,” he said. “Only because of my limit on my ability to comment because of professional rules, but also because Miss Kross has not been arraigned in court. There has not even been a court appearance yet. I have not even seen the charging document from the court file, so I’m sorry that I can’t provide more details.”

Kross is scheduled to be arraigned in California District Court in Sacramento on Oct. 14, and it is expected that she will move at that time to sever her case from those of other defendants similarly charged in the complaint.

Kross, 23, is an exclusive contract performer for Adam & Eve Pictures. As more details become available, they will be reported here.

Adult FYI has additional coverage of the Kayden Kross story and it seems they spoke to the ex boyfriend who apparently was with her at this time.

Final: “Young and Pretty” Kayden Kross’ Ex Dishes the Dirt; Grand Theft Realto

I spoke Wednesday afternoon to Kayden Kross’ ex. I will refer to him as OBF- old boy friend.

OBF gave me some dirt on what’s going on with Kross, Adam & Eve’s contract girl who’s been indicted by the Feds. OBF has also been approached by federal investigators in the real estate fraud case centered in Gold River, California in which Kross is apparently facing four criminal charges. Gold River is a suburb of Sacramento. There are several properties involved in this case.

“I was also contacted by the private investigators for the bank,” says OBF.

OBF and Kross were together from the time she was 18 until she was 21. They basically split when she got into porn, he tells me.

“Same old story,” he says.

They had met in a strip club three years earlier. I have to laugh.

“I know- as ten years her senior I should have known better,” OBF concedes. He was three years out of the army at the time. I asked OBF if he had the rank of Captain Save-a-Ho while in the Armed Forces.

“At the time we met and began dating it was somewhat of a casual relationship,” he says. “Then four or five months into it we moved in together. We moved into my residence.”

At the time they met at the strip club, OBF bought a couple of lap dances.

“She gave me her number,” recalls OBF. “I called her. We went out on a date and pretty much that first date we began seeing one another every day.”

OBF says he’s always had an entrepreneur’s streak. He began his own company which became quite successful in a very short time. He deals with hedge funds and private trusts.

“I facilitate the purchase and acquisitions of various private equity investments,” he goes on to say. “So this market right now is great for me.”

According to OBF one of the charges for which Kross gets arraigned on in October is grand theft.

“The others are for real estate fraud,” OBF clarifies. “I imagine there’s going to be a bank fraud and tax fraud as well.”

OBF said he was witness to a lot of this.

“I told her at the time there were going to be ramifications for you doing this. They’re not just going to let you walk because you’re blond and you’re young. Her attitude was they will because I’m young, blond and pretty.”

I mention to OBF that Kross’ comments to Scott Fayner, who broke the story, suggest that she was a naïf and a tool of darker forces.

“If she was a tool of darker forces why did she receive all the money?” wonders OBF. OBF surmises that Kross made between $75,000 to $105,000 on this deal.

“The way this was established is that it was a foreclosure bailout for a family,” OBF explains.

“She engaged in a year long contract with the option to extend it depending on market prices. The contract was established so that there was upfront money combined with money that was going to be held to make up the difference between a mortgage payment and the rent that the family was paying in the lease option.”

“She allowed the family to make one rent payment then decided she no longer wanted to participate in the contract and without sending notice of cancellation or giving the family the option to attempt to repurchase the property, she sold off the titles to a third party for $10,000 apiece. Basically she kept the family’s money and both their rent and their equity-the money she was able to access out of the front end of the deal was exclusively from the equity of the house.”

I asked OBF if there were other people involved in this scheme of things.

“At the point that she sold off the titles she was involved with a third party that facilitated the purchase of the titles, OBF replies. “They went ahead and leveraged out the titles to 125 percent on top of the 125 percent that was previously leveraged out. Then you had a property that’s been encumbered to 250% of its value. It’s speculated that she received a kickback on that as well.”

According to OBF, Kross was 21 when she was doing all this sophisticated handiwork. Doesn’t sound like someone who was young, innocent and naïve.

“The assertion that she is highly intelligent is definitely right on,” says OBF who mentions a fraud charge Kross also incurred as a minor. OBF says Kross’ father told him about it because he was the one allegedly defrauded.

“She was living with her father who had been estranged from her father.”

OBF isn’t exactly sure on the details but knows it involved either checks or credit cards belonging to her stepmother on which Kross allegedly ran up some bills. Supposedly Kross told OBF all about it after which her father also confirmed the story to him.

“But that fraud case was consequently expunged,” adds OBF who describes Kross as “manipulative” and “calculating”.

OBF says Kross’ mother went nuts when she found out that Kayden was getting into porn.

“She contacted me on a nightly basis in tears. She wanted her to get her head back on straight,” says OBF.

Kross in the year 2005 was approached by Matrix Models to do solo girl magazine layouts. OBF who had dated similar girls in similar situations knew what the program was, that sooner or later he and Kross would have a confrontation about her future plans.

“I knew what the program was- it’s a desensitization process,” says OBF. “I knew what was going to happen.”

OBF and Kross had issues when she signed her Hustler contract. They
broke up for a period of three months then ended up reconciling.

“But she reneged on that contract,” says OBF.

His understanding was that she was going to drop porn and go to school and finish her education.

According to OBF, Hustler had paid Kross $2500 to that point but she reimbursed them the money. However Kross never got out of modeling.

“And it re-escalated into hey I’m doing porn,” says OBF.

OBF says his concerns are for the family that lost its ass as well as their house.

“You have a man who was disabled in Vietnam with a back injury,” points out OBF.

The family filed the complaint which began the investigation into Kross’ activities.

When the family became aware of what happened, the mortgage broker, William Scott Henley, according to OBF, stepped in and tried to help.

“He’s been absolutely vital in assisting the family,” states OBF.

“So much to the point that when they did lose their house, he put them up in one of his own properties. He subsequently ended up losing that. He put them up for better than a year without any rent, paying all of their utility bills and transporting the man back and forth to his doctor appointments when necessary. Even at some point he brought them food as the wife was working two past time jobs. They were supporting four kids.”

“Now the Sacramento DA is pressing charges against him as a third party even though he had nothing to do with a breach of contract.”

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