Meggan Mallone and her Boobs

I was reading up on the gossip about the newest Vivid girl they are now calling Meggan Mallone and I couldn’t help but think it was such a great marketing opportunity gone to waste because they found yet another girl who looks exactly like the others. Maybe I’m just getting old and jaded but damn these girls all look to much alike to me. Monique Alexander, Lacie Heart, Kayden Kross and Stefani Morgan. It’s sort of a normal, every day girl next door look. They aren’t ugly. They just aren’t over the top like Chasey Lain. Now that’s one hot bitch.

This new girl is really a lot like the others. She’s skinny with a girl next door look about her face and no boobs. I wasn’t impressed to say the least and even less impressed after reading about her little Vivid Ooops.

Well I want to say her looks are growing on me, especially since her new boob job. You can see a nice collection of personal photos of Meggan Mallone with her new boobs on her myspace page, I just wanted to take a moment to give a nod for her fine work. With her tiny frame she chose a good size, not to small, not to big.

Porn Star Meggan Mallone

For those interested, Vivid tell us that her first movie will be out sometime in early June however her first amateur scene was released this week from Homegrown video. It must chap Vivid’s ass to be one upped by these guys, considering they were so proud to brag about how Meggan Malone was a newcomer and had never done any XXX work before. Can anyone say Ooops!

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