Sunny days for Project Cuddle?

Sunny LeoneWhat does a world famous porn star do when she’s not on the set of her new mainstream movie being made in Bollywood or off promoting some new product like Vivid Footwear? Her own reality show of course!! Yes, a Vivid girl is taking part in her own reality series on the Fox Reality channel!

It was recently revealed by Sunny’s people While discussing a charity event that Sunny Leone was organizing that Sunny Leone is in fact starring in a reality show for the Fox Reality channel.

Although we couldn’t get her to reveal any more information about her upcoming “unique” reality show, we were able to get a call into the people over at Fox Reality and their response was simply that they have many unique shows in production, none of which they are able to discuss. Some of them will make it to air, some of them won’t.

It was later revealed that the show will be My Bare Lady 2. The show’s first season starred Kirsten Price, Chanel St. James, Nautica Thorn and Sasha Knox. In the first season the porn stars spent three weeks in London, studying with Shakespeare scholars and directors in preparation for a performance on London’s famed West End. However season two will change the format to a more “MTV Real World” type format where the girls of season two will move in together and search for love and pursue their dreams.

A rumor surfaced that Vivid Entertainment directly had a hand in Sunny Leone’s appearance in this new Fox Reality series so we contacted them for a comment. All they would say is “It is no secret that Vivid Entertainment has encouraged our girls to pursue mainstream projects to enhance their visibility and popularity. Some of these projects we help them with, some they do on their own. As far as this particular show, we are unable to comment, or even speculate as to its existence at this time.” So really all we got out of Vivid is that yes they encourage their girls to do shit like this but no they won’t say if they are the ones who played a direct role in getting the gig for Miss Leone.

What we do know is that as part of this reality show, Sunny Leone along with a few of her porn star friends (Brook Haven, Veronica Rayne and Casey Parker) must organize a charity event within 24 hours. From what I gather, certain adult related companies donated items and you can buy them and all the money will go to Project Cuddle, a charity for dumpster babies. ie: Date with a porn star. From what I hear some of the prizes are very extravagant.

The event will be held on April 29th, 2008 at 4pm to 8pm at Wines at selmer Estate Club which is located at 31800 Mulholand Highway, Malibu, CA 90265.

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