Joe Francis released from the pokey

I know I’m a little late on this one, but the redesign of and other stories took a little bit of precedence. Joe Francis, founder of Girls Gone Wild, is finally free at last submitting a plea of no contest to charges of videotaping underaged girls and was sentenced to time-served. He also got his ferarri and $60,000 returned to him, with the stipulation that he cannot shoot footage for his movies in the region for the next three years.

I for one say score 1 for the adult industry with his release. Joe Francis’ incarceration has been bullshit from the start and what he went through is ridiculous. Its good that he was allowed to plead no contest just to end all the crap, but seriously, if two girls fake their age and documents, how can he be held accountable? Is Joe Francis supposedly a psychic and knew they were underage?

It’s just flat out ridiculous that he got nailed for that in the first place. I mean if a girl says I am 18, shows you two forms of ID, signs a release, and you have video of her holding that ID, while signing the release stating I hereby swear I’m over 18, what the hell are you supposed to do? How are you to know that the little bitch was using a fake ID? I think the part of the law that requires we are still responsible if the girl lies, is just bullshit.

2 thoughts on “Joe Francis released from the pokey

  1. Joe Francis is a fucking douchebag and I hope those benzos he smuggled into jail helped alleviate the shock and embarrassment of having hardened prisoners talking shit to him and throwing food at him. If shit wasn’t called shit, it would be called joefrancis. And we would all pee and joefrancis every day.

  2. So, why exactly do you not approve any comments? Thousands of unique visitors per day, yet no comments?

    That doesn’t quite ring true, now does it?

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