I feel bad for Larry Flynt and all these lawsuits

So you may have heard Catherine Bosley, former newscaster from Bumfuck, Ohio, is suing Hustler. Bosley participated in a wet t-shirt contest and unbelievably, people took pictures and videos of the event. I mean seriously, who takes pictures of naked women these days?

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Furthermore, she goes on to sue (and thanks to our lovely justice system) wins the rights to the photos and video of her being a drunk slut on stage.

In 2006, Hustler printed one of the pictures in their “Hot News Babe” feature. So now, dumb slut believe she has the right to sue Hustler for $1 million dollars, as well as $150,000 for each copyright infringement, $10,000 for each violation of Bosley’s right to publicity and attorney fees.

So just to be clear here. If I go down to Florida, get drunk, whip out my dick and swing it around for everyone to see, I can go sue and get money from anyone who takes a picture of me?

Not only does this show the problem with the legal system in America, it just goes to show that no matter what happens, you will always stumble upon a story of a dumb cunt who fucked up and is trying to make millions off her own mistake. This bitch is worse than that grandma who sued McDonalds for spilling coffee on herself.

I’m behind Larry Flynt and Hustler on this one. If this bitch was too stupid to not get naked in public and consider the consequences of her actions, then she not only deserves to lose the case, but also let me slap her in the face with my dick.

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