DCypher posts: Tuesday night Michael Grecco threw a party in New York City for the release of his new art book featuring porn stars, NAKED AMBITION, and you weren’t invited. I know it hurts but tough titty. I wasn’t there either. This is the first I heard of it as well.

On the guest list for the event were alt darling Joanna Angel, media darling Ron Jeremy, and octogenarian Jamie Gillis, along with Luc Wylder of Fallen Angel glory and his delicious tasting wife Alexandria Silk. Mmmmmm. Silkyyyyyyy.

“As a society we are so repressed, but we still have a fascination and titillation with who these people are,” Grecco said of the adult film industry talent he photographed for the book. “I approached the project as both a serious portraitist and as a documentarian, that’s why along with the people I included a series of still life work of the accouterments of their world. It’s a fascinating view.”

The book features over a hundred porn stars like Jenna Jameson, Ron Jeremy, Tera Patrick, Ava Rose, and Janine and SHOULD NOT be confused with the book NAKED AMBITION written by former porn PR whore Carly Milne. That would be tragic. It also features my friend Halcyon Pink from HUGNATION with his ex Tassy.

It is selling well I hear, despite his original fears that it was all porny and no one would buy it, because, you know, it’s got nakey people in it. He’s an artist though, and not a dirty pornographer like me, so don’t get it twisted. Personally I didn’t see what the hype was all about. I got the book, flipped through it once, and gave it to a homeless guy to wallpaper his new cardboard house.

I’m such a humanitarian. I know.

BTW- You gotta admire how Ronnie just keeps catching the spotlight no matter where they shine it. Go HH!

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