Maria Darling DCypher posts: It’s hard to ignore a stunning beauty like Maria. Truly.

She’s an art school student in Paris, at the Institut National d’Histoire de l’Art on Rue Vivienne. She’s big into Picasso. She’s an Algerian native who prefers Holland to anywhere else but Paris Nord. She’s smoked pot on Jim Morrison’s grave in broad daylight as a tribute to the Lizard King.

She’s as mercurial as she is beautiful though. One minute she’s playfully as a kitten and the next she wants to fight or fuck. Then she withdraws, acting all sullen and pouting until the right combination of pleading and prodding produces a terse series of embarrassed giggles that devolve into peals of unmitigated laughter. She takes Thayls to Amsterdam or London on weekends listening to Chomsky on her iPod the whole way.

Like I said, she’s pretty crazy. She spends her free time obsessively studying 9/11 conspiracy theories. She’s convinced that the Bush Administration is attempting to gain global hegemony according to the original Wolfowitz doctrines regarding Pax Americana.

She wants to know why so many prominent physicists are questioning the official report on the Twin Towers but the media isn’t. She wants to know why no one talks about George W. Bush’s brother Marvin Bush and his involvement in security for the Twin Towers prior to 9/11. She wants to know why Building 7 fell for no reason. She’s not convinced that the official report is telling us everything. She’s not convinced Rumsfield misspoke when he said United 93 was shot out of the sky.

She wants to know if Norman Mineta has trouble sleeping at night despite being made a partner in renowned public relations firm Hill & Knowlton. She wants to know what he meant when he asked Vice President Dick Cheney if the orders still stood. She wants to know what Andrew Card said to President Bush when he whispered in his ear.

She wants to know how the country can be lead by men like Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz and Jeb Bush, who “prophetically” suggested in 2000 in their think tank PNAC that a catastrophic event like a new Pearl Harbor was needed to justify the militarization of space, a defense budget of world conquest proportions, seizing control of civil liberties, justifying preemptively striking nations deemed as threats, wrestling control of oil reserves by force, and effectively establishing a New World Order.

She wants to know why the American people don’t seem to care more, how they can refer to the firemen and police and victims of 9/11 and soldiers in the Afghanistan and Iraq as their heroes but refuse to honor the sacrifices they made by demanding full disclosure, transparency, and accountability regarding the events of that terrible day.

Luckily for us she’s a hot nude model, so we’ll just let her go on asking her crazy and irrelevant questions and enjoy this amazing gallery of her displaying her nearly perfect barely legal breasts. She’s clearly paranoid, has too much free time on her hands, and unlimited access to the web. Given how hot she looks with her clothes off she’s more than likely bipolar. In time she’ll learn to stop asking hard to answer questions like the rest of us have. She’ll either have children to occupy her time or make it as an artist and enjoy the unprecedented comforts that middle class debt has afforded the rest of us.

Silly girl.

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