Super duper pooper scooper special Vitter

DCypher posts: No one ever wants to resign from office in shame. So the new Republican strategy seems to be just to refuse to leave no matter what dirt people dig up on them. Shit yay! That’s fucking gangsta!

Speaking of gangsta ass mofo’s…my man Larry Flynt has a long history of exposing political animals in their finest moments. For example, Louisiana Senator David Vitter is one of those special people for whom the rules don’t apply.

Admittedly he fucked one of the DC Madam’s finer whores…that is at least one. He may or may not have a history of sleeping with prostitutes, one of which may or may not be Borat’s sister, more commonly known as number four prostitute in all of Kazakhstan.

According to the prostitute he admitted to sleeping with, ex-Lousiana prostitute Wendy Yow Ellis (working name: Wendy Cortez) Vitter had special requirements to go along with being super special. They screwed a bunch of times apparently in the late 1990s, when he was a mere state legislator.

Larry Flynt is such a nice guy that he left us this YouTube clip, totally SFW, of OG MILF Ellis giving a super duper special preview.

Some of the highlights include:

“It was a rule that I could not wear any perfume, body lotions, not even take a shower… because he did not want any scent on him whatsoever. He would always come in, hang his jacket on the door, go into the bathroom and take a shower. He would come out with a towel wrapped around him and sit down on the bed. We’d talk. And then he’d do his business.”

Vitter has a “very small penis.”

Vitter is “lame and only did missionary stylee.”

Miss Ellis passed a polygraph…lol. Nice!

Yeah, I find this shit funny. I find you pretty funny too…and that makes me fucking special. You get the government you deserve people. When you’re done laughing your fucking ass off remember that we are paying this prick’s salary still, the one he’s been using to buy hookers. Just a little food for thought.

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