Meet, greet, & skeet!!! DCypher posts: Justice Young is the man. In the short time he’s been in the industry he’s managed to accomplish fucking nearly every hot chick in it, plus a few real skanks for good measure. Just kidding.

From what I’ve been able to gather, he’s originally from Miami, which would make sense since that’s where he decided to shoot the first Coast to Coast Amateurs movie of his series by the same title. Why do all the freakiest sex stories seem to come from Florida? What is up with that State? Seriously.

In addition to plowing through some of the finest ladies the adult entertainment industry has ever seen Justice is also lyrically inclined. When he’s not down to meet, greet, and skeet he’s either up in the studio, in the editing bay, or out combing the streets for wild and horny stripper bitches that no one has ever seen. You can also catch him at the spot getting more ink drilled into his already heavily coated hide. I heard every second Tuesday of the month he actually sleeps but I cannot confirm whether or not it’s true.

All jokes aside, Justice sent me this trailer for his newest flick from Frat House Films being distributed through Shane’s World. It’s called Coast to Coast Amateurs Miami. It features Kendall Brooks, who went on to become a Club Jenna Contract Star, and a bunch of really cute strippers having the shit banged out of them by Justice’s magic stick. I dug it so much that I hit him up for a free gallery. Don’t say I never gave you anything

Click Here For Full Gallery!!!

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