Typical N-Word GuyDCypher posts: KFI AM 640 was nice enough to let us know that the L.A. City Council took the time out of their busy schedules to ban the “N-Word” on Friday.

Who knew these guys watched Southpark?

L.A. City Councilman Bernard Parks introduced the symbolic resolution calling on residents not to use the racial slur.

Parks says the N-word implies somebody who’s lazy, stupid and doesn’t speak proper English.

West Coast gangsta rappers reeled at the ban fearing that their album sales would vanish over night!

“It’s some muthafunkin boosheeiiit,” West Coast Gangsta rapper forefather, Westside Connection ringleader, and children’s movie hustler Ice Cube might have said. “You know the side….bitches…world muthafunkiin wide!”

Fellow “hoo bangers” Mack 10(the dope dealer), WC(the killa), Glasses Mallone(the beach cruisah), along with multiplatinum Black Wallstreet artist Chuck Taylor aka The Game(the beach boy), also expressed their outrage at not being consulted regarding the ban.

“In a lot of ways these “taboo” words, like Nigga and Bitch and Polesmoker, serve as the basis of one of the oldest and most unresolved polemic’s of our age but ultimately it’s a First Amendment Free Speech Issue,” the Game wishes he would have come out to the media and said over the weekend. Often he has claimed that he singlehandedly brought the West Coast back.

“We use these words to empower ourselves, to soften their impact by embracing the negative monikers, against those who would use them as weapons against us in a feeble attempt to strip us of our dignity and to criminalize an entire race of people…plus they sell records cuz it drives the white kids nuts.”

Snoop Dizzle was too high to make comment by print time. Word to Herb!

Psychics using methods of divination managed to reach former rap legends Easy Motherfucking E as well as Tupac Shukar aka Makevelli who apparently live next door to one another in the Heaven’s ghetto.

“You should see the shit they got up here,” Easy Motherfucking E giggled. Tupac said he’s not gonna comment other than to address the rumor that, yes, he does have another album coming out soon with new material and to warn Shug to watch his “fat ass,” if he know what’s good fo him!

Still amusing myself…

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