DCypher posts: Ever since she turned 18 all Megan has dreamed about is her first time with a man.

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“Every night before I go to bed I fantasize about what my first time is going to be like,” the stunning Nordic beauty confesses. “I get so hot and bothered that I wear myself out. I feel this ache race through my body and my pussy gets all wet and juicy and I just explode.”

Megan’s no stranger to mechanical love though. She’s already destroyed two vibrators since her birthday, which is why she is working her way up to a bigger and badder fetish roster than just idly diddling herself under the covers; exhibitionism.

“I like to masturbate outdoors now,” she explains. “I close my eyes and imagine that the perfect guy is going to come along and find me all naked and juiced up and just take my virginity without even speaking a word. One minute I’m just pulling myself apart begging for it and the next he’s ravishing me the way a severely obese individual tears into an extra value meal on a thirty-minute lunch break. It’s so naughty that it’s the perfect turn on…and it involves food, which is kinda cool.”

Her first time fuck wish list includes George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Kevin Federline, Scott Fayner, and Tom Green…in that exact order. Despite several attempts to reach the aforementioned individuals Megan is still very much intact and hymenally challenged. Please click the link and see if you can help this poor beautiful barely legal woman in training. God bless you.

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