Tera PatrickFayner Posts: I’m talking about Jenna Presley, not Jameson.

You see, as I wrote at the beginning of last week, Jenna Presley made her fiance Travis throw away all of his porn a couple of months ago. And although the two have a wonderful sex life, Travis, like all men, needs in addition to a real vagina a bunch of porn DVDs to further satisfy himself.

But for months he had none.

This made him sad. Overstocked in semen, too.


But all that has changed thanks to TeraVision, who happily contacted me days later asking for a mailing address to send some porn to.

Well, last night Travis and Jenna came over for our weekly big dinner and Travis left with his box of TeraVision porn under his arm and a huge smile on his face.

He may have even had a boner. In which case I have been asked to thank TeraVision from his penis for helping it please itself.

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