Fayner Posts: Not sure if this news has already been reported ’cause I’m too lazy to check.

Although I had heard some rumblings about Vivid maybe not wanting to resign Cassidey, I’m told she left on her own accord.

But don’t go thinking your cock will never get hard again. The girl has some things in store for all of us.

And unless it was just drunk talk, I’m on board to write the script for an awesome movie she wants to make. Knowing my luck though, Dcypher the brilliant writer of scripts has probably already stolen the job from me.

Might be better that way since when Cassidey and I get together I always get the urge to have her piss on me and since there is no waterproof paper I fear all my work will be ruined.

Also, Vivid settled out of court in the custody battle for Cassidey’s fake left eye, which Vivid paid for.

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