Fayner Posts: Most people know that I am a good sport when it comes to all the shit written about me on the public forums. XXX Porn Talk, ADT, any of them are cool with me as long the truth is being said. When it isn’t, I sometimes reply with my thoughts and then once again the world continues turning.

So for some reason I checked out AdultDVDTalk today, searched my name since it’s been a while and its always nice knowing that people care so much they write nice things about me. There was a thread titled Lukeford or Lukeisback from 2005. I checked it out. Then, like I sometimes do, I got a bit angry at something someone wrote. And while I hate to promote the guy ’cause he not even in the same league as I am, I kinda feel bad for the rawker since his Alexa rating is 879,056 and will now give him press, whether its good or bad, not sure which way I’ll go yet ’cause I’m not that far ahead of my brain at the moment.

The guy is named Monstar. He runs a porno site called www.contactpornstars.blogs.com/. I don’t know anything about him. Well, that’s not true. I know two things.

1) Monstar cried a fucking river last September on XXX Porn Talk (read thread here) after Craven Moorehead sent me an email with red, green, blue and orange letters giving information to a music video he was shooting (I thought, “how gay of Craven to use some many girl colors” as I posted it as-is) because I didn’t give him credit for writing it. I didn’t even know who Monstar was, or that he used the same dumb colors on his site; I just put the email up and thought nothing of it.

2) Monstar once charged Mia Rose $1,000 a month to do her press, and considering that number (879,056 ) his site ranks at I conclude Mia was shelling out about $100 a month for each person who reads his site. It’s also known that Monstar needed these chicks he swindled to get himself into porno parties.

Now back to the story at hand. Here is what Monstar posted on the subject Lukeford or Lukeisback?

The OG Docta Luke.

LF.com is pretty much dead air. the TMFR thing gave it a somewhat new angle, but does she even post on it anymore? I just skim thru the snips on Floating World on my way to Luke’s site.

meh. LF.com is pretty much over anyway isn’t it? isn’t luke getting it back?

As with a lot of these doods, i may like them as a person, but cannot read their sites.

Gram is a good guy but i don’t read his stuff. James kinda hit the nail on the head. kool kat tho.

Hard core gossip is done now, right?

Bornyo wrote:
Next lets do Ponante vs Mike South and JimmyD vs Monstar.

aww geez. at least throw me up against someone who post more than once a month.

my site so rocks

Monstar Rawx!

Fayner Continues: For some reason I think this dude dislikes me and what I do. The only positive thing I can say about him is he is like me in that he has no respect for the veterans who came before him. Neither do I. However, this kid has zero skills as a writer – unlike me – so he will never be seen as someone who matters in the porn journalism world. Not like that’s a great thing…

Sure, Lukeford has gone down in numbers over the years. It’s my fault. I’ve lost my spirit, drive and enthusiam. But no one can argue that I’ve made my mark doing exactly what I want to.

Posting press releases you wrote about Courtney Cummz (is she paying $1,000 a month too?) doesn’t produce a web site that is grounds for criticizing anyone. And I’d be embarrassed if it was my site and someone waited two minutes to download an interview where I asked things like “how long have you been in the business” and “what made you decide to get into porn?” You got some nerve saying my site is dead air, ’cause even in my recent state of slacking I own you. I could write four words that make no sense together and still be miles ahead of anything that you’re doing. Over the years I’ve written thousands of posts that either spark thought, hatred or admiration. Sometimes all three. You got your fame writing about me “stealing” your paragraph.

And as you may find it hard reading other sites, you may be interested in knowing that not one of the other porn journalists fears your rainbow colored press releases…due to them either not knowing who you are or knowing who you are and just not recognizing you as one of us.

But cheer up, rawker. I too was once the pathetic wanna-be myself. Just like you. Unlike you though, I knew people don’t want to read press releases. They want energy, reality and humor. Lucky for me, I got all three.

Maybe try not kissing the chick’s asses. That always helps. Oh, and you may want to think about getting off the Top 10 Most Posts on XPT list and write those things on your own site. People who read porn sites want more than Courtney Cummz’s internet radio schedule and a play-by-play of Stormy Daniels. The idea of press releases is to get them out to other mediums, not sit and hope someone will wait patiently as your site loads in order to get them.

And what’s funny is that every other guy you mentioned in your post, saying that you don’t read their stuff, are great writers with originality and respect. One thinks maybe you should start reading them religiously so that one day you can incite debates, mayhem and drama instead of whatever it is you call what you do.

Thank you. I’ve really enjoyed writing this. I think it needed to be said, especially when you’re dissing people you wish for one second you could write half as good as. Jimmy D has been a steady observer of this business for years, and always hits the nail on the head using great prose, humor and smarts. He’s three up on you.

I wish you luck. I really do. I’m sure this will help get your name back in the real porn sites.

You owe me a drink.

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