Cassidy iz hot!!!Cassidy writes: I was watching Beerfest and making tacos on a Sunday night, a little high, which is not far from the norm for me, when I heard a knock on the door.

Knock knock…

Who could it be but my two good friends DCypher and Jessica Jaymes showing up at my house. Turns out they had been at [A HOT BLONDE PORN STAR’S] babyshower up in Hollywood and decided to swing by when they heard I was cooking dinner for all the homies.

The last time I had seen [A HOT BLONDE PORN STAR] she was running amuck with me out in Vegas during the AVN convention. Hmmmm. Wait, I thought outloud, wasn’t that like 7 months ago? My head was spinning. Cuz me and my friend, Dave Navarro, may or may not have played slap the pickle with [A HOT BLONDE PORN STAR] during that time. I was trying to think clearly back to those crazy January nights.

My homies were like, no, there is no way that he is the father. [A HOT BLONDE PORN STAR] is like 8 months preggers by now. The dates just don’t match up. Then we got to talking some shit and the idea came up to text Dave and try to trip him out with the story, you know, make him think maybe he was the baby Daddy… hee hee hee. Bet you didn’t know I could be devious huh?

So I pull out the Helio and text Mr. Navarro and I proceed to write sumthing like hey u knocked [A HOT BLONDE PORN STAR] and she is telling everyone that it’s yo baby.

Didn’t even phase him. The convo went into another direction cuz I asked him where the heck he has been lately and we got off on a rant. So not to much att. brought to the comment I had first left. So I sign off and finish watching my movie and sometime after that I guess he hit up Jessica and was like OMG did I do that!!!! Hahahaha. I guess my joke had finally settled in. Suckapunch! Whammy!

I did not know anything until the next day when he hit me up and was like u suck that was funny tho…Thank God Dave is so cool and such a good sport.

That was some funny shit. l8rz…

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