Fayner Posts: Say hello to a kindler, gentler Max Hardcore.

One spectator declared that Max seemed "dazed, teary eyed…sort of like the girls in his movies." Another threw tomatoes at the cowboy hat-wearin’ Hardcore as he wept silently at the burial site for his dear cat, Pee Breath, who took her own life following the beginning of what would very likely become the trial of century.

"I loved my cat, Pee Breath, very, very, very much," a tearful Hardcore said from the pet cemetary this morning. "She brightened my day, my crews’ day, every dirty little tramp’s day too who walked through the doors of Chateau Du Max. I remember once while I was urinating on some poor slut’s face, some had gotten on the ground and little Pee Breath came sliding across the floor and into the camera’s view and then went smashing into a stack of bottled water! It was priceless. Of course we had to take it out from final editing because Pee Breath is under age. The Feds would have a field day with that, wouldn’t they?"

But Pee Breath was a special cat, and I will miss her every day for the rest of my life."

Max then walked away teary eyed.

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