Fayner Posts: I was getting chicken salad subs today down at Dan’s Super Subs, and because there was like a 16 year old chick with a mini skirt there looking all cute I decided to go outside and wait for my order. I’m not quite sure but being a pornographer around children I believe is a big no-no.

I went outside and grabbed a newspaper, the awesome Daily News. On the cover was an awesome article titled: Exposed. Porn in the Valley ‘An HIV epidemic could happen’. I sat there all awesome-like reading, but eventually it sank in that the article is pure bullshit. The purest bullshit known to man.

You see, an HIV epidemic could happen in the porn business, sure, I ain’t arguing that, but when you think about it an HIV epidemic could happen in any industry. So I came up with a few articles I’m hoping to write for the Daily News in the same line as this one.

Exposed. Building cars in Detroit ‘An HIV epidemic could happen’

Exposed. Tuna Fishing in Nantucket ‘An HIV epidemic could happen’

Exposed. Packing oranges in Florida ‘An HIV epidemic could happen’

That is how dumb this article is, and I’m not for one second making jokes about HIV, I just making fun of articles that state the obvious – that being, an HIV epidemic is possible anywhere, anytime and in any profession. Okay?

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