SUMMER LUV WRITES: About a week ago, I remember seeing a post about Max and this morning, as I was getting dressed, I was thinking about my past in porn, and you know what…I don’t know if that post about Max came out of anger for something he did or what but, let me just say that Max puts on a good show for being “MaxHardCore” but he’s really not That Bad.  He’s just a normal guy, really….during scenes he’s able to switch in and out of character according to if the camera is rolling or not like we all do…He has a gorgeous mansion, that is clean and organized, and is a really nice person….While I stayed with him, he never once cheated on Catalina, everything was strictly business, he took me to two different countries, paid me well, and took good care of me.  He didnt get involved in my personal business, and generally I had some of the best times while working with Max and in contrast,  almost every other time that I worked with the regular porn film makers I had bad experienceswith them Id say the only other times I had a nice experience with a filmaker besides Max would be when I worked with Simon Wolf, but everyone else sucked.  So, you shouldnt just go off ranting about people because your mad at them, Obviously he’s a really great actor if you believe in his character that much, but honestly Max is  nice guy, geeze ….that post about him truly gave me a good laugh though, thanx!!  SuMmErLuV

Fayner Says: I had a ton to say about this, I really did, I swear I did, it was everything I’ve even wanted to do, but I’m sorta in shock after seeing that not only did Summer here say the words”in contrast” but she used it correctly.

Am I going crazy, or is it the world around me?

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