Porn Star of the Week – Violet Blue aka Noname Jane

I haven’t really done a porn star of the week as of late so I decided to close my eyes, throw a dart at a handful of photos and that woudl be the way I would select the whore this week.  And by my very scientfiic method, what whore did I come up with you ask?

VIOLET BLUE who is now Noname Jane

So who the hell is this Violet Blue you ask?  Really? I have no fucking clue, nor do I really care. She’s kinda cute.  She looks to suck a mean cock and dammit that’s enough for me!  I mean dude she’s a porn star wanna be.  Do you really care where she was born, how tall she is and that her hobbies are ice skating, and shopping?   I know what you like and I’ve got it for you right here which is 30 hot fuck me pics of this bitch.  So fucking enjoy and blow me if you don’t.  Ok if you really must know something about her, she was in the DVD Legal Skin 3 and Passion II.   She was selected as the 2002 AVN Best New Starlet and due to bad picking of names when she started her career and the evil lawsuits that followed, she now goes by the name Noname Jane.   There, happy now?


CAST: Violet Blue, Charlie Laine, Trina Michaels, Candy Summers, Katie Morgan, Steven St. Croix, Herschel Savage, Evan Stone, Eric Masterson, James Deen, Kris Knight, George Kaplan


A new love or new lust is a second chance, a door that opens places in your heart that you had shut away. It’s very like a drug – addictive and potentially lethal, but the right drug at the right time can cure one of the ills that matter. That change can rip a person into a new, whole thing, and director D. Cypher captures that life shift brilliantly here.For family man/office drone Steven St. Croix, that lust/love arrives in the form of nubile temptress/hustler Violet Blue. St. Croix is in an ideal marriage to busty Katie Morgan, but he thwarts that by imagining her cheating on him in the vid’s hottest moments, with Evan Stone banging Morgan hard.

St. Croix’s daughter Candy Summers brings Blue into his life – she’s a roommate from college left alone for the holidays. Blue’s also a girl who turns tricks with older men, such as Herschel Savage, who wants her to call him daddy and brush her hair after their fuck. Nice and pervy.

St. Croix’s journey to his life-shattering girl is a compelling one, and in his opening fuck with Blue he is very vocal; he releases out loud and into her all of the fantasies he’s feared having.

Cypher leaves doubt in the viewer’s mind what the true turn of events is between the star-crossed fuckers, which is fair since any true lust is up for interpretation, between the parties involved, anyway. Whether what St. Croix had with his Shakespeare-quoting temptress was true or not, it was most definitely worth it for the feelings it brought back into his life and for the fine load bustin’ that occurred.

Barely legal girls are clearly the vehicle for freedom, so retailers should be aware of that for stocking purposes – oh yeah, it’s got that appeal in spades. Fans of the young girl genre have a great plot-based feature to hang their heart on with this.

Pre-noms: Best Video Feature, Best Director – Video to Cypher, Best Screenplay – Video to Cypher, Best Actor – Video to St. Croix, Best Actress – Video to Blue and Best Editing – Video to Sammy Slater.

Retailing: Your feature section – it’s not for every couple – recommend this with Cypher’s other excellent Metro feature, Prisoner.