DCypher posts: Charlie Laine and Carli Banks. Naked. Touching one another. With their tongues. Just take a moment and let it all settle in. Sweet Satori.

If you were stranded on a desert island and you could only have two women in the whole wide world to keep you company, they would make an excellent choice.

They are the perfect distraction to pass a rainy Southern Cali afternoon.

Do I have to say more?

You are very lucky, very lucky indeed, because you’re going to get to see the whole set from Danni Dot com for free just by clicking that little link below.

You’re very welcome. I wish only the best for you. Namaste.

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Well, I thought I’d share my day with you considering I told you that I wanted to make my site as personal as possible….So, here we go… Tyler & I slept somewhat in this morning. (Technially, longer than what we are used to). I took a very long shower, shaved my legs & everything because it was 100 degrees out & I’m definitely not wearing pants. I ended up wearing a pink skirt, with a black tube top with crystals along the top & some 3″ black sandals. We first headed off to the Digital Playground office to pick up some paychecks and just to say hello to everyone in the office. I signed some posters for some fans. (Gosh! I love signing things for fans, especially when I sign them something dirty & then when they read it & you see the surprised look on their face it makes it all worth it…haha). We were finally on our way to go shopping for wardrobe. We went by one particular store & found various cute outfits. (I’m very picky when it comes to wardrobe. I don’t like anything that looks cheesy. It’s one of my pet peeves now…lol) We got about 3 outfits out of that store that are usable for the shoot that we have coming up. We have Charlie Laine booked to do a girl/girl with me for my website this month. It was so much fun going shopping for that HOT little body of hers. I haven’t worked with her since February 2006. So, this is going to be alot of fun. & Also, last time I had to share her with Celeste Star. (We performed a 3 way girl sex- scene in the movie “Teagan’s Juice“). I can’t wait to dress her up & have my way with her. Yayyyyy!!!!!! You don’t even know how excited I am. Anyways, so we ended heading to the “Hustler Store” because we were looking for ball gags, bondage toys, lube, dildos, buttplugs (you know the usual…lol) Tyler had remembered that on one of the posters I had written to the fans about how I wanted to suck cum out of his mouth. So Tyler had asked me if I was going to do the same thing for him. Of course I offered up my mouth not even within a half of a second later. We ended up pulling into the parking garage & parking behind the “Hustler Store” & I removed my seatbealt while Tyler pulled out his already rock hard dick (I had been teasing his dick up the side of his shorts while he had been driving down Sunset Blvd. I was getting horny just sitting there next to him) I immediately put my mouth around his dick & get it soaking wet, I start sucking on & stroking his dick. While I was sucking his dick though I had an easy access skirt on for him. He didn’t even have to really move it to get to my ass. He teased my asshole the whole time I was sucking him off. It wasn’t fair. He was turning me on so badly that when he started fingering my ass, I wish I could have just had him bend me over the hood of the car & fuck the living shit out of me (but I couldn’t have it my way) but I knew at that moment in time I wouldn’t be able to so I should go for the gold & suck the cum out of his dick. I did a very good job if I must say so myself. After I swallowed all of his hot cum I rinsed my mouth out in the parking garage, fixed my makeup so you couldn’t tell that I was giving a blowjob in the parking lot and proceeded inside to find dildos & various other treats for our upcoming shoots that will be bring me great pleasure. Oh boy what a day….it was like a scene out of a porno movie, but this was actually just my normal everyday life. For all of you fans that are on Myspace, you can reach me at:



CAST: Violet Blue, Charlie Laine, Trina Michaels, Candy Summers, Katie Morgan, Steven St. Croix, Herschel Savage, Evan Stone, Eric Masterson, James Deen, Kris Knight, George Kaplan


A new love or new lust is a second chance, a door that opens places in your heart that you had shut away. It’s very like a drug – addictive and potentially lethal, but the right drug at the right time can cure one of the ills that matter. That change can rip a person into a new, whole thing, and director D. Cypher captures that life shift brilliantly here.For family man/office drone Steven St. Croix, that lust/love arrives in the form of nubile temptress/hustler Violet Blue. St. Croix is in an ideal marriage to busty Katie Morgan, but he thwarts that by imagining her cheating on him in the vid’s hottest moments, with Evan Stone banging Morgan hard.

St. Croix’s daughter Candy Summers brings Blue into his life – she’s a roommate from college left alone for the holidays. Blue’s also a girl who turns tricks with older men, such as Herschel Savage, who wants her to call him daddy and brush her hair after their fuck. Nice and pervy.

St. Croix’s journey to his life-shattering girl is a compelling one, and in his opening fuck with Blue he is very vocal; he releases out loud and into her all of the fantasies he’s feared having.

Cypher leaves doubt in the viewer’s mind what the true turn of events is between the star-crossed fuckers, which is fair since any true lust is up for interpretation, between the parties involved, anyway. Whether what St. Croix had with his Shakespeare-quoting temptress was true or not, it was most definitely worth it for the feelings it brought back into his life and for the fine load bustin’ that occurred.

Barely legal girls are clearly the vehicle for freedom, so retailers should be aware of that for stocking purposes – oh yeah, it’s got that appeal in spades. Fans of the young girl genre have a great plot-based feature to hang their heart on with this.

Pre-noms: Best Video Feature, Best Director – Video to Cypher, Best Screenplay – Video to Cypher, Best Actor – Video to St. Croix, Best Actress – Video to Blue and Best Editing – Video to Sammy Slater.

Retailing: Your feature section – it’s not for every couple – recommend this with Cypher’s other excellent Metro feature, Prisoner.



Fayner Posts: Got stoned all day with Charlie and Travis. It was fun. We got stoned.

Here are three things I learned today about Charlie Laine.

1) She doesn’t pick up after her dog Kobe. Sure, he’s a mini Greyhound and his poop is smaller than an acorn, but dammit people you gotta pick up your dog shit, er, your dog’s shit! Just ask Nate, he does it all the time and invites me to photograph it for everyone’s amusement.

2) She is deathly afraid of moths. The last time there was a moth on her she fainted. Chicks…

3) Wal-Mart, she says, the one in Wisconsin, is the best place to buy shirts that say AC/DC on them. She even showed me like five that she bought to further her point that Wal-Mart, the one in Wisconsin, is the best place to buy shirts that say AC/DC on them.

She also wears glasses and wipes pizza onto her jeans when she’s too stoned and doesn’t have any napkins…


Fayner Posts: Spent the afternoon with Travis Nestor and Charlie Laine. We smoked like seven joints.

On the drive back to my place from Charlie’s, Travis passed this glorious story on to me.

At a recent Zero Tolerance shoot, Travis was approached by the house owner and brought to the bathroom.

“It’s pretty bad,” the guy said, pointing towards the toilet. Travis said it was foaming from the sides.

“Let me take a look,” Travis said. Being a veteran of the business, Travis was confident he could fix the problem. Plus, it was only a chick, right? How bad could it have been?

Quite bad. So bad in fact Travis almost got sick. It was everywhere. It was worse than a weeklong Tijuana fish taco diet shit.

The fear of her unleashing a similar storm upon him keeps Travis from revealing the chick’s name.

Later, the plummer Travis was forced to call showed up. Travis said he looked thrilled to only be dealing with a clogged toilet.

“I can just imagine what he must have gone through after it was festering in the toilet for four hours. All I saw was him gagging. Can you believe that? A fucking plummer gagging?!!”

The plummer did his job, charged more than he had to and left.