Not South Park XXX Hits #1 as Most Requested Porn Video on XCritic

Not South Park XXX Hits #1 as Most Requested Porn Video on 



 The X-rated South Park porn parody movie Not South Park XXX continues to hold down the number one spot on the list of most popular despite it being one of the most offensive porn movies of all time. Then again, maybe that is why it is garnering attention. A somewhat safe-for-work movie trailer can be seen on YouTube will show exactly what the fun is all about.   


“I’m really happy to see that a movie like this is connecting with fans and selling as well as it has been the first couple of weeks.  This is blowing me away,” stated the movie’s director Will Ryder of X-Play.  Wholesale DVD sales are being handled by Rob Plarksi of Pulse Distribution.


“Seriously, this was not the movie we predicted would become one of the year’s biggest blockbusters but that is exactly what is happening.”


Ryder has been throwing that claim behind the upcoming mega-budget classic parody Not the Wizard of Oz XXX which will hit stores in June but to see a spoof of the Comedy Central cartoon gone porno do so well is unexpected to say the least.


“We knew there were a lot of fans of the television show when we decided to create this parody but holy-hell this is turning out to be quite a ride,” stated co-producer Scott David. “One look at the movie trailer will convince you.”


Pulse Distribution has already sold out of the movie once, been restocked and running out again.   

not south park xxx


Why is this happening?  Not South Park XXX is turning heads and gaining sales because the porn movie is possibly the dirtiest most offensive f*#k-flick ever!  Kyle falls in love with a beautiful college co-ed but Cartman discovers she’s a porn star. Graphic sex amidst ethnic jokes, dim sexual wit, really offensive language and some of the greatest most perverted original sing-along-songs make this the funniest porn movie of the year.


“This is a very funny sex movie. But the songs are killing people.  What more could you ask for?” Ryder concluded. 


X-Play and their parody website  is clear to point out that this film is a parody! Comedy Central, Trey Parker, Matt Stone, MTV Networks, Tribune Entertainment, Rhino, Parker-Stone Studios their writers/producers, their assignees or anyone more talented than Will Ryder in no way authorize, endorse or sponsor this movie. They didn’t make it.


The early reviews are extremely positive including Don Houston writing, “Not South Park XXX should be a big hit with comedy parody fans, the fusion of porn elements carried forth in a way that only the X-Play team could make happen… but it was the song parodies that scored a major hit, as in awards time here we come.” For his full review check out the XCritic review


The movie trailer is free to watch  and if Not South Park XXX is soldout in your favorite store please ask your retailer to order it from X-Play/Pulse Distribution.  You will want to see this insane movie.   



But it’s for the children!!

Adult escort site ad asks for toy donations

HOUSTON (KTRK) — A toy drive during the holidays — but this one unlike any we’ve ever seen before.  An ad posted on an adult escort website promises more time with the woman in exchange for donations to Toys for Tots.

The phone number attached to that online ad goes right to a woman who has been in trouble with the law before for prostitution. The number I called was advertising a Toys for Tots special.  The person who answered the phone told me that she was, in fact, Robin Jordan — the woman who was arrested earlier this year and convicted last month for operating an Internet-based prostitution operation out of her Fort Bend County home.

Robin Jeanette Jordan was arrested in March, according to the Harris County District Attorney’s Office, and convicted just last month for prostitution.  She was given 12 days in jail.  Authorities say she was running her escort service right out of her Pecan Grove home.

She’s out of custody now and is the woman we apparently reached when we dialed the phone number posted along with an online ad for escort services.  The ad currently offers a “Santa’s little helper/Toys for Tots special.”

The site, which shows an undressed woman in provocative poses, wishes you “Happy Holidays” and claims if you pay for one hour of services and bring an unwrapped gift, your second hour will be free.

  “It’s awful, obviously, especially in a neighborhood like this,” said neighbor Jennifer Vontz.

Neighbors in this relatively quiet subdivision say they are not surprised.

“For them to use that just to lure people in, I think that’s just really sad,” said neighbor Valerie Work.

When contacted, Toys for Tots knew nothing of these ads.

Brian Murray, Vice President of Marine Toys for Tots, told me, “We don’t want to associate with any person who would besmirch the reputation of the US Marine Corps … or the Toys for Tots organization.”

Murray says every year people claim to be affiliated with Toys for Tots, when they are not, profiting from the organization’s goodwill and charity which they offer needy children.

Jordan would not confirm she placed the ads, but by phone earlier told me she would meet for us to hear her side of the story.  Jordan never returned calls when we repeatedly tried to contact her this afternoon, nor did anyone wish to comment at her Pecan Grove home.

The Houston Police Department has launched an additional investigation, based on the evidence we have submitted to them.

We’ve learned Jordan faces a charge of child endangerment in Fort Bend County.  Child Protective Services is also attempting to terminate her parental rights based on this case and the way she allegedly treated her three-year-old daughter.

Story by: Kevin Quinn
Tuesday, December 13, 2011
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Fayner Posts: Okay, so now the word around town has Gene Simmons in a sex tape with some car show model reject he just met! C’mon, Gene Simmons fucking a woman he just met?! I don’t believe it!
And I understand this has been leaked onto the internet, but one must wonder if anyone is really gonna want to watch a man of Gene’s ugliness fuck some nameless skank with his fucking shirt still on! What’cha hiding there, Gene? Did you know this tape was gonna get leaked and thought hiding your old belly would do better for your profits? Did ya?
I for one will never watch this tape. KISS sucks. They made over 20 records and have only one good song: Hard Luck Woman. And Strutter is okay, but not that good. Fuck KISS and Gene Simmons fucking a 3rd rate whore!
What an arrogant son of a bitch he must be to think people will want to watch this. And here I was thinking that the sex tape of Screetch was the worst thing that could happen to America ever. Once again, I have been proven wrong. Shame on me.
My prediction is only one person will buy this: Dick Tracy.