Fayner Posts: Okay, so now the word around town has Gene Simmons in a sex tape with some car show model reject he just met! C’mon, Gene Simmons fucking a woman he just met?! I don’t believe it!
And I understand this has been leaked onto the internet, but one must wonder if anyone is really gonna want to watch a man of Gene’s ugliness fuck some nameless skank with his fucking shirt still on! What’cha hiding there, Gene? Did you know this tape was gonna get leaked and thought hiding your old belly would do better for your profits? Did ya?
I for one will never watch this tape. KISS sucks. They made over 20 records and have only one good song: Hard Luck Woman. And Strutter is okay, but not that good. Fuck KISS and Gene Simmons fucking a 3rd rate whore!
What an arrogant son of a bitch he must be to think people will want to watch this. And here I was thinking that the sex tape of Screetch was the worst thing that could happen to America ever. Once again, I have been proven wrong. Shame on me.
My prediction is only one person will buy this: Dick Tracy.

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