Hustler making LiLo parody?

Lindsay Lohan Gets the XXX Treatment

TMZ reports that Lindsay Lohan’s been in jail one day and she’s already getting taken advantage of … in a very X-rated manner.

Lindsay is the target of a new porn parody featuring a crying, bitchy, whorish LiLo look-alike — who just like the real Lindsay … takes some serious punishment from the long arm of the law.

The flick — titled “Hustler’s Untrue Hollywood Stories: Lindsay Goes to Jail” — even features a spoof of Lindsay’s lawyer, the effervescent Shawn Chapman Holley.

We’re not sure if Lindsay’s seen it yet — but since she’s actually playing a porn star in her next movie (role of Linda Lovelace, a.k.a, “Deep Throat,” in the “Inferno.”), it might be considered research.

The Lindsay Lohan Porno

Hustler has put out a Lindsey Lohan porno spoof of her life. I swear I thought Hustler said they were going to stop making movies like a year ago, guess I was wrong. Anyway, I found the trailer for the movie on YouTube. Sam the lesbian lover looks exactly like the real life version but Lindsay not so much. The only thing they have in common is that they both have red hair. Same with the Paris Hilton look alike who well the only thing that bitch has in common with Paris Hilton is they both have fake ass blonde hair. As far as the overall movie goes, I’ll let you make your own judgments.



Wilmer Valderrama claims he took Mandy Moore’s virginity.

The handsome ‘That ’70s Show’ actor – who famously dated Lindsay Lohan – spilled the beans about his liaison with the US singer on Howard Stern’s radio show.

He told the shock jock he wanted to be honest with his fans, before saying: “Taking Mandy Moore’s virginity was good . . . real good.”

The star also claims to have slept with Jennifer Love Hewitt – who he rated an “eight” in the bedroom, “on a scale of one to ten”.

He also boasted about the size of his manhood during his chat with Stern and admitted to having kinky sex with some of the famous girls he had slept with.

Valderrama also confessed he wants Angelina Jolie to be his next conquest.


Mike Tyson has been caught sneaking strippers into his hotel room.

The boxer – who is on a charity tour of the UK – was spotted with his’new friends at the swish Metropole hotel, in Brighton.

One onlooker told America’s New York Post newspaper: “Two nights in a row he ushered hookers and strippers up to his second-floor suite.”

Tyson is reportedly getting ready for a comeback – and change of career.

The former Heavyweight Champion of the World is trying to land a job as a judge on new US TV show, ‘Celebrity X Games’.

Last year, Tyson revealed he was considering making an X-rated film with porn superstar Jenna Jameson.

The pugilist, who reputedly has a 14in penis, said: “I talked to a gentleman called Jimmy who’s involved with Jenna Jameson. He said he was interested in getting me involved in the adult film industry.”

However, plans for the proposed project fell through after Jameson revealed she had no plans to work with Tyson.