Amia Mliey rocking the the barbie doll

So what’s little Amia Miley been up to lately, since her retirement of sorts from porn? Apparently quite a bit. Sure we all know she’s been busy working out with her Jersey Shore boyfriend, Jonny the Unit (What does that even mean????) We know this because from time to time she’ll get spotted on celebrity gossip shoes like TMZ.

But what else has she been up to? Well she’s been making some comedic videos (ala iJustine), and appearing in various mainstream shows like The Man Show and most recently she was doing a mainstream music video. Here is a picture of Amia Miley the Barbie which was taken from the 5ive star “Nicki” music video shoot.  How adorable is she? 🙂


Fleshdrive Offers Snooki $100k for Endorsement

Radar Online is reporting that Fleshdrive offered Jersey Shore’s Snooki $100,000 to endorse their product, which recently Howard Stern endorsed.  He went on and talked about it on his show the other day for about 20 minutes.  It’s not often you get a major mainstream media figure to endorse an adult product for free, let alone go on about how great it is for 20 minutes on the air.

Jersey Shore’s most famous pint-size ‘guidette’ Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi has a large offer coming her way.

FROM RADAR ONLINE: See Snooki’s Endorsement Offer Letter Here

A company called FleshDrive produces a small USB drive that is preloaded with adult content and has learned exclusively that they have extended an offer of $100,000 to Snooki in hopes she’ll endorse their product.

“Our company image is that we pack a big punch in a little package,” the letter reads. “Who better to endorse our product, than the woman that does exactly that?  “We know that Snooki makes a big impression wherever she goes and that is why her tiny figure and incredible attitude will fit perfectly within the FleshDrive world.”

No word yet from Snooki’s rep whether she’ll take the deal, but it seems like a pretty sweet offer.

According to the letter, her deal will span over the course of three years and she’d be obligated to shoot three FleshDrive commercials and attend three shows a year to promote their technology.

Most of the Jersey Shore cast members have banked on their newfound fame – do you think Snooki will follow suit?

A spokesperson for Snooki tells, “We have not yet received the offer.”

Jesrsey Shore Fail

I’m sure by now you heard that that fucked up Jersey Shore show on MTV has its own porno parody now. Oh no, not that good one with the cast and crew who actually look like they were from the show but another one all together.

There are actually two parody’s about the Jersey Shore.  What’s fucking crazy is, this 2nd one was done AFTER the 1st one Jersey Shore XXX, so seeing how good they did, you would think they would step it up a notch, right?  Ummm wrong.  Dead wrong.

I seen the the photo gallery on AVN and I realize, I don’t even know what the fuck this is but it’s sure and the fuck not anything to do with Jersey Shore.  Zero Tolerance fucking failed on this one big time.  They called their movie  ‘Not Jersey Shore: Jersey Whores’ and that’s about the only thing at all that it has in common with the actual show.

Anyone who has ever seen the real Jersey Shore will note you probably won’t see many blondes.  In fact, I can’t ever recall seeing one blonde, ever.  But that doesn’t seem to matter to Zero Tolerance because they cast a couple blondes in their version of the movie.

Here is a shot of Kagney Lynn Karter on the set of the movie (from the AVN galleries)

oh and the Guidos that have really given the show their trademark, with the men with buff chests, and gel in their hair.  Well here is who Zero Tolerance has …

We may have to give this movie the award for the worst attempt at a parody ever.  They didn’t even fucking try.   This is a huge red mark on the Zero Tolerance name, who quite honestly until now I was getting more and more impressed with.  Their production quality had recently been improving.  However with this single failure, they have really lost a lot of their credibility with me.

If you are going to do something, at least half ass it.  They didn’t even try.   It looks like they just shot a random cheap ass, really badly done porno then put the Jersey Shore name on it hoping it would sale, because otherwise, it was so badly done it wouldn’t have a chance in hell to recoup the cost of production.

Zero Tolerance WTF where you thinking associating yourself with this piece of shit project?