Jesrsey Shore Fail

I’m sure by now you heard that that fucked up Jersey Shore show on MTV has its own porno parody now. Oh no, not that good one with the cast and crew who actually look like they were from the show but another one all together.

There are actually two parody’s about the Jersey Shore.  What’s fucking crazy is, this 2nd one was done AFTER the 1st one Jersey Shore XXX, so seeing how good they did, you would think they would step it up a notch, right?  Ummm wrong.  Dead wrong.

I seen the the photo gallery on AVN and I realize, I don’t even know what the fuck this is but it’s sure and the fuck not anything to do with Jersey Shore.  Zero Tolerance fucking failed on this one big time.  They called their movie  ‘Not Jersey Shore: Jersey Whores’ and that’s about the only thing at all that it has in common with the actual show.

Anyone who has ever seen the real Jersey Shore will note you probably won’t see many blondes.  In fact, I can’t ever recall seeing one blonde, ever.  But that doesn’t seem to matter to Zero Tolerance because they cast a couple blondes in their version of the movie.

Here is a shot of Kagney Lynn Karter on the set of the movie (from the AVN galleries)

oh and the Guidos that have really given the show their trademark, with the men with buff chests, and gel in their hair.  Well here is who Zero Tolerance has …

We may have to give this movie the award for the worst attempt at a parody ever.  They didn’t even fucking try.   This is a huge red mark on the Zero Tolerance name, who quite honestly until now I was getting more and more impressed with.  Their production quality had recently been improving.  However with this single failure, they have really lost a lot of their credibility with me.

If you are going to do something, at least half ass it.  They didn’t even try.   It looks like they just shot a random cheap ass, really badly done porno then put the Jersey Shore name on it hoping it would sale, because otherwise, it was so badly done it wouldn’t have a chance in hell to recoup the cost of production.

Zero Tolerance WTF where you thinking associating yourself with this piece of shit project?

7 thoughts on “Jesrsey Shore Fail

  1. Wow. Where do I begin. First of all, thanks a bunch for your completely uninformed assumptions about our little movie but in the interest of fairness let me just say that out “half assed attempt” ran us just shy of 60k. Who the fuck are you to add your 2 cents to something you haven’t even seen? That’s some crackerjack journalism on your part. When the dust settles, you will will have to remove your pouted lips from the teat of Taryn Thomas and perhaps acknowledge that, like everything we do at Zero Tolerance/Third Degree, we put our money where out mouth is. Thanks for your invaluable insight into something you don’t know a fucking thing about. Let’s see what happens on Feb 16th.

  2. Dude! You spent nearly 60 grand on making a movie that has already been made in today’s market and I’m the one who is ignorant? Okay then.

  3. Ryan – if you check your history, our movie was announced first. We had no idea Taryn was planning one until after ours was already in the planning stages and we sent our press release announcing the movie. Sure, we could have rushed and filmed ours quickly but we wanted to do it right. Happens all the time in our industry – I mean, how many freakin’ Tiger Woods movies are there?

  4. Ya seriously, why the fuck do we have 15 Tiger Woods movies? Really people … one is more than enough. Damn it, now you’ve given me something new to bitch about. Fucking Tiger Woods.

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