Angelina Armani, Horror Junkie

Angelina Armani appears in upcoming Horror flick, Creep Van

Over the weekend, Comic Con International screened a pair of clips from the upcoming independent horror film Creep Van – including one featuring 2010 AVN Best New Starlet nominee and crossover star Angelina Armani.

A throwback to the grindhouse films of yesteryear, Creep Van tells the story of Campbell Jackman, an overqualified, struggling, carless kid who responds to a “For Sale” ad for a van. His seemingly hum-drum life soon turns into a nightmare as the creepy van’s owner stalks and then pursues Campbell…and everyone around him. Biting wit and stunning “old school” special effects make Creep Van an effective and successful ode to the 1970’s horror genre.

Angelina Armani is excited for her part in the film.“It’s overwhelming to be finally crossing over to the horror world. I’ve been a horror junkie since I was a little girl. I have learned so much and I’m thankful to be working with talented individuals. And there is no better place to be promoting this movie than at Comic Con with 400,000 fans roaming the floor!”

Things are just as exciting for Ms. Armani in the mainstream, where she can currently be seen on the cover of The Madeleine Haze’s album A More Perfect Union ( Always on the go, Angelina will be doing two music videos in August before taking on her next horror project.

For more information on Creep Van, please visit Fans of Angelina Armani can sign up to her official Facebook page and follow her daily updates on Twitter ( to learn more about her latest film projects and personal appearances.

See the official teaser trailer below:

Adam and Eve AVN after party

This star-studded event will feature a who’s who of the top names in the adult industry, a variety of surprise guests and more! The AVN After Party at Lavo in the Palazzo will start immediately following the AVN Awards on Saturday. Hosted by Alexis Ford, Angelina Armani, Lexi Love, and Mariah Milano. Presented by adult industry powerhouse Adam and Eve in conjunction with The Star Factory.

3325 Las Vegas Boulevard South
Las Vegas, NV

Monstar tries to justify unethical behavior

I just read a story on Adult FYI about my Angelina Armani story, where Monstar tries to justify his unethical behavior of submitting his girlfriend for an AVN award she didn’t qualify for by saying other people did it too.

So now we are in junior high and do bad things because other people have done it too?

Well just to be clear here, just because one person puts their head in an oven, does that mean you should do it too?  Did your mamma never tell you that?

Two wrongs don’t make a right.

If your friends just off of a bridge, would you do it too?

I mean I could go on and on about this but in the end I think I’ve made my point.  You can’t justify what you have done by stating that others have done it too.

I mean let your girlfriend have a little respect and some dignity.  How do you think she would feel if she actually won this award knowing she didn’t really deserve it.

I know it’s much easier to make fun of me and call me names than to just take the high road and admit a misunderstanding took place – an honest mistake and bow out on your own.

But do remember our actions speak for our character and by making excuses and trashing the person who points out the truth, only shows what kind of person you really are.

Update – These people Monstar has lsited on his site as having not qualified as well because their movies came out DURING the eligibility perod of October 1, 2008 to September 30, 2009. So I’m not really sure what his point is about these people. I guess maybe he was trying to point out that out of all people nominated, only some people actually met the qualifications.  Here are the ones from his list that well had movies that came out during the eligibility period.

  • London Keyes – Boobaholics Anonymous 4 Released: 10/13/2008
  • Kagney Linn Karter – She’s Got Big Boobs! Released: 1/7/2009
  • Kiara Diane – Jack’s POV 13 Released: 2/10/2009
  • Janie Summers** – Mother-Daughter Exchange Club Part 5 Released: 3/9/2009

I don’t really get how proving my point owns me but ummm okay. Still doesn’t make your woman qualify. Now does it?

Another update – when he posted my email address, I thought that maybe a few people would care enough to email me and bitch about how they love Monstar or Angelina Armani and how mean I am, and all that kind of bullshit but you know?  Nobody seems to fucking care.    So I don’t know what he thought he was trying to prove with his blog post but apparently it wasn’t that he had a legion of die hard fans willing to back him up, even when he’s in the wrong.

Angelina Armani Not Eligible for Best NEW Starlet?

I’m annoyed.  I hate when people set rules then don’t bother to follow them and today that includes Angelina Armani and her people.  I think they should yank her nomination and bitch slap her suitcase pimp / boyfriend for fraudulently submitting her nomination in the first place.  You know he is the one who submitted her pre-nom and you know he did so knowing she didn’t qualify.

Angelina Armani does not meet the qualifications for the award she was nominated for!


I was at the AVN Awards website today after seeing a tweet that said that for a movie to qualify for an AVN 2010 nomination it must be in retail stores by September 30, 2009.  It make sense then that similar deadlines for all categories.  So basically the time period would be from October 1, 2008 to September 30, 2009.  Anything that takes place between those dates qualifies for the eligibility period for the category in question.  Anything before or after doesn’t count.

Angelina Armani entered the adult business in late 2007.  She didn’t really do much but according to a biography her own PR people wrote shows she first came into the business in late 2007 and became more active by mid-2008 and signed on to be a Digital Playground contract girl in October of 2008 – the beginning of the eligibility for the AVN 2010 qualification for best NEW starlet.

Angelina Armani decided to make the leap into Adult.   A brief flirtation in late 2007 with porn soured Armani on the industry. In mid-2008 the blonde made a second attempt, this time Armani fully committed to the job and with a new look, she began attracting a lot of attention and was steadily booked by her then agency (Type9 Models).

However prior to signing with Digital Playground in October of 2008 she had already had been in the industry making movies, making her qualify for the nomination for AVN 2009 Best New Starlet had anyone bothered to submit her nomination, which apparently nobody did.

By the time she signed with Digital Playground she had already done work for Hustler, Shane’s World, Digital Sin, New Sensations, and Lethal Hardcore.  So she isn’t a NEW starlet in 2010.  Sure she may just be getting more popular but that doesn’t change the fact that she isn’t NEW.  She began performing in 2007.  Do all of these movies not fucking count?  And if not, why the fuck don’t they?

So since she clearly doesn’t mean the qualifications, shouldn’t she be disqualified?  Shouldn’t the award go to someone who actually meets the qualifications?

Triple X Supermodel nabs a nomination for one of Adult Video News’ top honors.

For Immediate Release: November 30th, 2009

(Hollywood, CA) 2009 will be remembered by Angelina Armani as the year where she began to make an incredible impact on the industry she loves. Starting the year off as a Digital Playground contract girl, Armani took part in some of their highest profile DVDs of the year, including the massive hit “Teachers”, in which Armani was featured in two sex scenes. After she and the company parted ways, the Brooklyn born beauty pressed forward doing print work, on-camera interviews and more before delving deep into her own sexuality and returning to performing with some of the hottest sex scenes of her short career. The cumulative effort by Angelina has propelled her into XXX stardom, making her one of the brightest new stars to recently enter adult entertainment. By making such an impact it became only natural that Armani was chosen by Adult Video News as one of their Best New Starlet nominees for the annual awards.

“I’m very much honored that AVN would take me into consideration for one of their most prestigious awards,” said Armani. “I would like to think that my sex scenes along with all the other work that I have been doing, appearing on, getting involved with the Free Speech Coalition, trying to make a positive impact on adult entertainment, have all led me to this path. I thank AVN for noticing and nominating me.”

The 2010 AVN Award show takes place in Las Vegas at the Pearl Theatre located in the Palms Casino, January 9th. Tickets for the show and more info can be found on the official website of the AVN Awards;

Armani already has a history of sorts in regards to the AVN Awards. For the 2009 show the golden haired beauty was acted as a trophy girl for the event. “It was an amazing feeling to be on the stage of the AVN Awards. Hopefully this year I’ll be on it again,” said Angelina

In other Angelina news, the 5’10 beauty is following up her smash hit for Elegant Angel, the appropriately titled “Starlets”, with another DVD for Elegant, “Porn Star Workout 2”. The anticipated DVD features the ultra-sexy Armani in yet another scorching hot sex scene the stunning model-esque beauty is known for.

Angelina Armani, nominated for AVN’s Best New Starlet! The countdown has begun to January 9th!

Angelina Armani signs with A List Talent

According to her boyfriend and PR company, who also happens to be her boyfriend, Angelina Armani, has had an “incredibly successful year”.  After leaving her contract from Digital Playground, he has decided to market her as a XXX super model and has recently signed her up to be represented by A List talent for bookings.


The Triple X Supermodel taps respected adult agency A-List Talent for representation, helps out the FSC and stars in Starlets!

(Hollywood, CA) Angelina Armani has had an incredibly successful 2009 so far! From hit DVDs that fans as well as critics love to making appearances all over the country, Armani has established herself as one up and coming starlet. The golden beauty has already won her first award, Nightmoves Best New Starlet and is definitely in the running for an AVN Best New Starlet award nomination as well. As her brand becomes increasingly successful, Angelina has made the decision to go to an agency for representation. A-List Talent ( has a legacy for representing some of the sexiest stars in adult entertainment, a fitting home for 5’10 Brooklyn born beauty.

“A-List and I are in harmony about the direction I would like my adult entertainment career to go,” said Armani. “(A-List owner) September Dawn is one of the most professional and positive people I have met. Between A-List and The Star Factory, I feel I have an amazing team behind me. I’m beyond excited about my future.”

Effective immediately, Armani can be booked by contacting A-List talent via their website, or by calling directly, (818) 788-4944.

In other Armani news, Angelina acted as trophy presenter at the recent Free Speech Coalition’s Bada-Bing Bailout Bash event on November 14th. The sexy stunner took part of the FSC’s annual fundraiser due her desire to her support the FSC and become more involved with the entity that protects the freedom of adult entertainment. “I love the FSC and eagerly look forward in participating in future events,” said Armani. “As an adult actress I find very important to support and become involved with that the FSC is trying to accomplish.”

With all her activities off screen, it’s amazing that Angelina can continue to deliver her high level of patented electrifying energy to her on-screen efforts. Testament to this is her latest headlining DVD, Starlets. Released from Elegant Angel, Armani once again brings an intoxicating sex scene that is sure to leave most viewers breathless. The cover dedicated solely to the golden haired sex star could quite possibly push Starlets to becoming one major hit. Another Elegant Ange title to feature Armani has already been filmed as well. Look for Pornstar Work Out 2 soon.

Angelina Armani is solidly on her way to becoming the stand out new starlet of the year! With hot new headlining DVDs, major appearances and a new agent, the Triple X Supermodel is set to dominate 2010!

For more Angelina Armani, please visit and

Angelina Armani on air


AdultFYI reports:

Hollywood, CA- Star Factory client Angelina Armani ( ) is set to make appearances on both coasts in the coming weeks.

From a Los Angeles signing at Adultcon to spending several days in Tampa to take part of the 17th annual Nightmoves event, Armani is going to be a busy girl. Standing at 5’10 the model-esque beauty has made a name for herself with glamorous looks combined with a ferocious sexual appetite. A larger than life personality, Angelina always makes for an entertaining interview.

This Thursday, Armani shows of that personality on the Sluggo Radio ( ) show! Sluggo Radio is a popular internet radio show, while originating out of the Tampa, Florida area, it can be heard anywhere via the show’s website.

Armani is scheduled to join the Sluggo crew on September 24th. From 7pm (PST) anyone close to their computers can listen in and see what the Triple X Supermodel has to say. Fans can even call in and talk to the lithe beauty and ask her about any of her movies, including the recently released porn parody Not Monday Night Football XXX (All Media Play/Hustler) and Teachers (Digital Playground).

“I have a lot of exciting things to talk about,” said Armani. “While Not Monday Night Football XXX is doing phenomenal and Teachers is sure to be a best seller, I also have some other very hot scenes coming out and I’ll have those DVDs available at my appearances. It’s a busy, yet exhilarating time for me.”

The Sluggo Radio Show can be heard on beginning at 7pm (PST) listeners can call in and talk to Armani by dialing 712-432-3100 Ext 548034.

Angelina continues to be working hard. New scenes featuring the XXX Supermodel can be found on sites like and new DVDs to star Armani like Angelina Armani: Overcome are soon to be released. New shoots to showcase her lean physique and sexy model moves are also on the way. It’s an exciting time for Angelina Armani fans!

Get personal with Angelina Armani this Thursday as the Triple X Supermodel comes to Sluggo Radio!

September 24th, 2009
Angelina Armani appearing on Sluggo Radio Show

For more Angelina Armani, please visit and

2009 Nightmoves Awards


The N.M.A.E. began humbly in 1993 as a small local Florida award show called the Central Florida Adult Entertainment Awards Show with Ron Jeremy and Kelly O’Dell as the co-hosts and put on by NightMoves Magazine. Since then it has expanded dramatically and now presents local and national adult awards in a large club atmosphere in TAMPA which includes sexy entertainment by some of the presenters. NightMoves has done an incredible job putting this together every year and should be commended for this e”X”cellent event. The hardworking staff – including Paul, Art, Tracy and the rest – make this a very memorable event every year.

2009 Schedule:

10/8/09 Thursday:

Location: TBA

10/9/09 Friday:

Location: TBA

10/9/09 Saturday:

Location: TBA

10/11/09 Sunday:
The infamous Pool Party returns! The party starts at noon and concludes around 5 or 6pm.

21240 Gran Via Blvd
Land O’ Lakes, FL 34637

10/12/09 Monday
The 17th Annual NightMoves Adult Entertainment Awards Show.

The Dallas Bull
3322 US Hwy. 301 N.
Tampa, FL 33619

Angelina Armani Interviews Lexi Love

Here is an interview Angelina Armani did with Lexi Love for XFanz during the XBIZ Summer Forum last month in Las Vegas. It is actually a very good interview, one of the better ones I have seen because it actually has interesting content not just your stereotypical questions. Okay well there are some questions about sex, I mean they are porn stars.