It’s Movie Trailer Monday! Again!

I don’t know what happened to the tradition we had going called Movie Trailer Monday but I think it’s time we bring it back, especially since I just got my hands on a huge stash of them thanks to our friends at Vivid Entertainment, Sunlust Pictures and Bluebird Films.  Thanks guys!

So what movie do I have for you today?  Well I’ll be totally honest with you, I picked it based on the box cover alone – it’s called Straight Double D’s from Bluebird Films.  How hotness is that blonde on the cover of this movie?


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Straight Double D’s:  A recent study from the department of scholastic intermediary studies has concluded that students devote 96% of their thought process to big fucking tits. upon the release of these findings, we wasted no time in putting together some of the biggest boob teachers and students at the local schools. Watch these big round mounds fuck the hell out of these classrooms!   Straight Double D’s is now available on DVD


3 thoughts on “It’s Movie Trailer Monday! Again!

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  2. I’m gonna have 2 agree with ya on this one. Who is that blonde on the cover? She is fucking hot.

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