Stoya Surfaces in Philly with Marilyn Manson

Last night in Philly, deranged rocker Marilyn Manson was caught out by the paparazzi with his new girl Stoya and TMZ ran the story, only they didn’t seem to realize the story they had.  Instead they made some lame joke about a fork, not realizing the real news in the story was about him and his girl.

Full video is on TMZ


In the video Stoya walks hand and hand with Marilyn Manson while the paps ask them random questions including one which was “Marilyn what is the last movie you saw?” and he responds “A taste of Stoya”.   Stoya and Marilyn laughed and the camera man continued by asking how it was and Marilyn Manson said in response “A taste of delicious”.  They asked a few more questions and then they asked them to kiss.  He gave her a peck and then said that it was her dad in the car driving them and the cameras panned to Stoya’s dad picking them up from their dinner date.

Oh and for those wondering, the movie he refers to is probably a preview copy Stoya was given about a soon to be released movie from Digital Playground.   A Taste of Stoya is due out in a few weeks in stores and stars Stoya, Jenna Presley, Bridgette B, Mason Moore, David Perry, James Deen, Mick Blue, Scott Nails, and Mick Blue. The movie is a gonzo style movie featuring Stoya type fantasies and is directed by Robby D.


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