The Sultry Sasha Grey

You can’t seem to turn your head lately without hearing something about Sasha Grey.  She’s  in not one but two mainstream movies and has done scenes for every single studio you can think of and then some.  She even headlined Vivid’s rendition of Deep Throat, which the making of had its own reality show on Showtime called Deeper Throat. For Teravision there is Sasha Grey’s Anatomy and she was also in Adam and Eve’s The Five with Bree Olson and X Play’s Not Bewitched XXX with Teagan Presley and Jenna Haze. I really forgot the point I was making . I guess it was just that Sasha Grey is the *IT* girl of porn right now and according to Fame Registry, her popularity only continues to rise. Recently Sasha Grey did a photo shoot with famed photographer Earl Miller, that shows off yet another side of her all together. It’s a bondage type lesbian setup with some chick named Riley Shy. Click the photo below and enjoy.

Sasha Grey

4 thoughts on “The Sultry Sasha Grey

  1. Yeah she’s hot, for now.

    When is this pretentious clumsily-babbling-out-three-syllable-words-to-appear-intelligent arrogant trailer park low-grade cut of meat going to be done with her 15 minutes of fame?

    Sick of her already and her idiotic I’m much more than a porn-star act. No you’re not, you’re proving that with some backing of a big-name director and a few mainstream reviews anyone can make a living on the fringes of Hollywood movie sets.

    Now let’s cut ahead twenty years to you; wrinkly, dirty, toothless and staying in a seedy LA hotel jonesing for some H.

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