Holy Shit it’s Harmony Rose

Harmony Rose is a little older, a little wiser and a lot fucking hotter these days.  One of the most under-appreciated stars in our business has to be Harmony Rose. She’s been around for years and from what I have been told by those who work with her, is a pleasure to work with. For the most part she blends into a scene. Don’t get me wrong, she does great scenes but she’s just not as well known as some of the other girls who have been around that length of time. To be honest, I think she likes it that way too. She gets the benefit of the steady work without the hassle of fame.

But have you seen her lately? Holy fuck. I don’t think with her new darker hair she is going to be able to fend off fame for to long. She looks so fucking hot. I couldn’t believe my fucking eyes when I seen these pictures of her from her LA Direct Models page.  I’ve always preferred blondes but I must say brunette suits Harmony Rose.  She is SMOKING fucking hot.  Tell me you don’t want to fuck the shit out of her after seeing her look like this?


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