Kiara Diane Rumor

Someone told me today that Kiara Diane, best friend of Meggan Mallone, was in talks with Vivid to be the next Vivid girl.  I hear a lot of contract girl rumors and have late been discounting them but then Meggan Mallone tweeted she was going to the Vivid offices with Kiara Diane.  Kiara Dianae is also repped by LA Direct Models, who as we know loves to provide Vivid with talent.  So that could be a good sign of the story being true.  So is the rumor true?  Will Kiara Diane be the next Vivid girl?  Guess time will tell.

Kiara Diane

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  2. To update everyone, I heard from another very very reliable source that the other rumor wasn’t really all that true but that he heard someone at the top say that she was very photogenic and had a cute personality. That isn’t exactly an offer for a contract but it does at the very least mean she is on the Vivid radar. In the mean time it seems the visit to the Vivid officers was less of a visit to Vivid and more of a visit to their building which also happens to house the offices of LA Direct Models. She actually went there to tell Derek Hay / Ben English she is going to take off some time. She won’t be taking any bookings from July 30th to August 11th.

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