And the Rio Valentine press release finally comes

In a move we’ve all seen coming for a long time now, Digital Playground officially released the news that they signed Rio Valentine as their newest contract girl. She will also be at the FAME awards with Digital Playground so look for her there. In the mean time you can check her out in the Cezar Capone release, Johnny Loves Morgan.



Rio Valentine Is the Newest Digital Playground Contract Girl!

Digital Playground, the studio known for hotter girls and higher quality, is proud to announce the signing of Rio Valentine™ to an exclusive contract. Rio joins Digital Playground’s elite roster of internationally famed contract stars. At 19-years-old, 5’6” tall, and 115 lbs, the all-natural, tanned goddess looks like she stepped off a steamy Brazilian beach. The exotic Rio Valentine is ready to take the entertainment world by storm…a hurricane of sexual energy. As soon as the contract was signed, Digital Playground quickly began filming the gorgeous babe in order to make sure that consumers will be able to witness the beauty in action as soon as possible.

“I first saw Rio at AVN’s 2009 Adult Entertainment Expo,” says Joone, Digital Playground’s founder. “She radiates sexuality and playfulness, but speaking with her reveals a great intelligence for someone so young. Rio Valentine encompasses everything Digital Playground stands for.” Samantha Lewis, Digital Playground’s CEO adds, “As word of Rio Valentine’s signing spreads, we are receiving an incredible demand for her movies. Rio’s debut is coming soon and will contain all the quality, beauty, and sexiness common of every Digital Playground movie.”

Rio Valentine is excited to launch her career with Digital Playground. The new contract girl says, “Signing with Digital Playground is one of the proudest moments of my life and I’m eager to see what the future holds. I can’t wait to make a business out of being a sex symbol!”

Rio Valentine entered into a contract with Digital Playground in June of 2009. Spanish for “river”, Rio is also the title of a famous Duran Duran song about a strong and nurturing girl, creating her own path and fully embodying life. Valentine displays Rio’s romantic side and creates a foundation for an intimacy fans will begin to discover. The name Rio Valentine perfectly captures the essence of her being, and her playful, deviant, and sexy nature.

About Rio Valentine™:
The stunning and exotic Rio Valentine is Digital Playground’s new girl on the block. At 19-years-old, 5’6” tall, and 115 lbs, the all-natural, tanned goddess looks like she stepped off a steamy Brazilian beach, but has the mind and determination of an entrepreneur. Her business is sex and her stock is soaring. Each day Rio Valentine continues to learn more about herself and her relationship to the world around her. To Rio, being a sex symbol is a dream job–one she takes very seriously. It’s more than a chance for fame, it’s a chance to leave a positive impression and change misconceptions about sex and the adult industry one person at a time. In Rio’s immediate future are magazine covers, best selling movies, and stardom, but like all good businesses women, she’s taking her career one step at a time and relishing every moment. For more information on Rio Valentine, visit

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  1. Morgan, Congratulations on Digital Playground. I am sure it will be nice to actually get paid for once Good luck on your case.

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