Holy Hell – is this true about Meggan Mallone?

Gotta love Twitter. It’s great for drama. That’s for damn sure. Now keep in mind there is nothing confirmed on any of this and the rep I spoke to at Vivid said they have no comment whatsoever on the idle gossip of the personal lives of their girls. So what is this huge gossip?


According to porn star Georgia Jones, Porn Star Meggan Mallone is pregnant and got pregnant by her boyfriend. It is not clear if Meggan Mallone and her boyfriend had an affair or if she got pregnant on the set of one of her movies and who the man even is.

What we do know is that if Meggan Mallone is pregnant this is very new news because she sure as fuck isn’t showing yet. See this picture of her just last weekend in Vegas in a bikini. Her stomach is flat as all hell and looking hot as fuck. This photo was of Meggan Mallone while she was in Vegas last week celebrating Steve Hirsch’s birthday.


UPDATE – Just talked to a very reliable source inside Vivid that is close to Meggan and he assures me 100% Meggan Mallone is not pregnant and she was shocked to hear this story herself but her response was a big fat LOL.  So I repeat according to a very reliable source, Meggan Mallone is not pregnant.

2 thoughts on “Holy Hell – is this true about Meggan Mallone?

  1. I find it beyond the scope of sanity that a website like Lukeford would post the ravings of a very disturbed person like “Georgia Jones.”
    Georgia is a very sweet girl but she is as crazy as “Soup Sandwich”.I hope that Georgia gets back on her meds so that she does not try to lick her own asshole and hurt her back. By the way Meggan is not pregnant LOL….

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