Ron Jeremy Sues Nintendo?

Is porn legend Ron Jeremy really filing a lawsuit against game maker Nintendo claiming they based their now infamous character Mario on him? Well according to THIS article he is.  This seemingly real story details out the terms of the suit however Ron Jeremy has come out and stated the news story to be a fake.  Ron Jeremy is not in any way shape or form in any sort of legal tangling with Nintendo and he even goes on to say that he loves Mario.  In his statement he said “Mario is my idol and he encourages me to eat more chick’n. Power Up!

Here is the story in full for you.  You can see in some parts it is clearly intended to be a joke but in others you wonder.  Read it and see for yourself if you can tell.


With the economy deteriorating and consumers reluctant to spend so frivolously, the entire country is seeking creative, and sometimes desperate, ways to bring in extra cash. The result: Lawsuits, Lawsuits, Lawsuits! The porn industry is no exception. The Estate of Ron Jeremy (Paul S. Martin) filed a $69 million dollar lawsuit last week against the creator of Mario Bros., Shigeru Miyamoto, as well as his employer Nintendo Co. Ltd.

The suit claims that the Japanese artist, under the supervision of Nintendo, used Mr. Jeremy’s image as the sole model for their most iconic video game character “Mario”, from the internationally recognized video game “Mario Bros.” Mr. Jeremy’s attorney, Todd Ludlow, provided the following statement: “We intend to prove that the accused used our client’s image and persona as the basis for creating one of the most legendary characters in video game history. If you look at the facts, it is quite clear where Mr. Miyamoto obtained his ideas. The obvious similarities are the round, overweight stomach and dark mustache. Mario’s occupation is a master of piping, and if you go back to the character’s debut, his goal is to beat a monkey. We have done our research and the time line matches perfectly. The “Donkey Kong” video game was released in 1981, two years after Ron Jeremy’s first “adult video” was released. This is no coincidence.”

After filing the suit, Japanese authorities swarmed the Miyamoto residence. There, locked in the basement of the house, police found four boxes of adult videos featuring the famous porn star along with two life-size cardboard cut outs, a plasterized replica of Mr. Jeremy’s genitals, and a pile of soiled rags. Representatives of Mr. Miyamoto as well as Nintendo could not be reached for comment.

In a related story, the Estate of Ron Jeremy has now filed a Lawsuit against the former Attorney Todd Ludlow for referring to Mr. Jeremy as overweight. More details to cum.

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