Cassia Riley Retirement Update

Cassia Riley Blogs today – To those of you that continue to ask why I am retired, the answer is simple. This was a job for me, not a lifestyle and not something I ever enjoyed. It was NEVER something that defined me. To be honest it was an easy way to pay the bills, but this is not something that fits into my changing life any longer. Hope that answers all your questions.

Cassia Riley

P.S.  I do not have a public page on any other social networking site. This is the only profile I have ever had for myself. If you find me anywhere other than this page, you have found one of the many fakes. I would prefer to delete this page but I will keep it up because I would rather not have all my fakes be the only Cassia Riley’s on myspace and it is a waste of time to continue to monitor and get them all deleted.

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