POPPorn Says that -A monkey could do that!

I have this friend who through his own pure dumb luck has one hell of a job.  He makes about $18,000 a month base pay plus his expenses and he has to work at best 4 days a week.  In today’s fucked up economy he has by all accounts, one hell of a life.  He just invested in a three story townhouse with an elevator on the beach and next week he’s taking his hot, young and blonde girlfriend to buy a new Hummer.  Because he has it so good does that mean he somehow owes the rest of us anything?  I mean he has the money so why shouldn’t he give it to us, right?

Well this is the justification that the douche bags over at POPporn give as an excuse for their amateur and unprofessional behavior in a recent business deal gone bad with Zero Tolerance. They said in a recent interview that even though they went some odd $20k over budget, Zero Tolerance makes lots of money so they can afford it. Seriously these stupid fuckers actually used that as reasoning. But if that wasn’t enough they claim that ZT did nothing, that their job is so pointless, even a monkey could do it. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Let me start from the beginning.

So for some oddly particular reason Zero Tolerance decided they would do a movie deal with a adult blog site PopPorn who prior to this venture had no experience in making adult movies. In the end Zero Tolerance got some footage and a bunch of bills and headaches.  This story gets long and complicated but in the end I’m sure you’ll agree it’s amazing how fucking stupid some people really are.  ZT what the fuck where you thinking doing business with these dumb fuckers and POPporn, people like seriously give new meaning to the phrase stupid fuckers.

First we have the AVN story that broke yesterday …

Adult blog goes public with dirty laundry.  Adult news and entertainment blog PopPorn.com shot material for its first-ever adult movie last week in Los Angeles in conjunction with Zero Tolerance, but now the fate of the film appears to be up in the air.

Thursday, PopPorn issued a press release saying it was “in a battle with the studio over the release of the film,” and asserted that Zero Tolerance called the movie “unreleasable” because not enough footage was shot for a full feature. PopPorn editor Brian Bangs admits to troubles during filming, but disputed those claims.

We shot an incredible film. There were issues on set that were a problem, sure, but it’s a great fucking movie,” Bangs told AVN.com. “I’m not sure what the issue is.

Zero Tolerance owner Greg Alves spoke to AVN.com as well and questioned PopPorn’s claims, but said he is willing to work things out.

I was surprised to see the press release that they [PopPorn.com] sent out, as I would never air dirty laundry in public,” he told AVN.com. “With that said, they’ve put me in a position where I need to comment – so let me just say this: The footage that they shot is phenomenal, the quality of the footage is not an issue at all; however, their professionalism leaves something to be desired.

From the time that they arrived here until the time that they left, they acted like they knew more than we did, were rude and quite simply, difficult,” Alves said. “I couldn’t believe that they walked into our offices after having been up the entire night before drinking and demanded that we cut them a $2,000 check for their room service bill. Clearly, they watched the movie Almost Famous one too many times. In spite of everything, however, I remain hopeful that we can resolve our differences amicably.”  PopPorn’s on set accounts can be found in two production diaries at PopPorn.com.

I won’t bore you with all the details of the POPporn version of the story but here are some of the highlights … (I should point out that their director is the Buckton guy.  This is the POPPORN director.)

Made it set just fine (I insisted on driving). BUCKTON gave cast and crew a “pep talk” which I thought was to be an apology for our fuck up the day before. Instead, he freaked out about how uncool it was that the production manager had made us late for the sex scene by giving us bad directions. This lead to some more frustration and BUCKTON actually firing someone from the production. As I said, we had no idea we could do this, but the production manager said that he was told it was our show. Ouch.

BUCKTON goes missing. Did I mention this yet? Yeah, he left the set on day two with a friend and, unbeknownst to us, the video cards from the previous two days.

Kimberly Kane and John Strong (whom BUCKTON insisted on calling Erik Everhard because he was the planned male talent for the day but cancelled) shoot a great scene, which I assume is ruined because BUCKTON kept getting in shots suggesting positions.

Now after reading all of this the story gets even more interesting.  Today these dumb fucks over at POPPORN who apparently are still demanding more money and who knows what hte fuck else from Zero Tolerance did an interview over at LukeisBack.

Exclusive info & interview-Popporn & Zero Tolerance have a “Money Problem” Popporn’s “movie?”

NL-The comedic adult site Popporn made a movie with Zero Tolerance. Surprise, surprise, now that the content is shot the problems begin, well actually there were a lot of problems all along, but now comes the BIG problem, the two can’t agree. At first I heard ZT said there wasn’t enough content shot to make a movie. Now, according to Brian from  Popporn, that is no longer the case. Now Brian’s issue is that since he didn’t know anything about making porn movies, he should have asked for more money plus all their expenses and since he didn’t, he wants to renegotiate the deal now. Here’s a Q & A with Brian to explain it all.

I’d love to hear from Greg at ZT, happy to hear his side of the story. Who knows maybe LIB can give both sides smiley faces and hearts and flowers and solve their dilema.

I interviewed Brian Bangs, Head of Popporn.com

I think your site is funny, and you make it appear as if a bunch of bubbling fuck-ups are on your staff, especially Buckton (Buckton is a Popporn staffer who was to direct the movie) Here are some of your diary entries for your “movie shoot”

…we showed up at the wrong house…

… made us late to the set..

…fired the male talent that was set to shoot a scene with Bobbi Starr…

…he left the set on day two with a friend and the video cards…

…shoot a great scene, which I assume is ruined because BUCKTON kept getting in shots…

…BUCKTON tazed himself….

…BUCKTON tried to purchase a handgun…

So did you write the diary for comedic value? Or did all of the things mentioned  really happen?

—Thank you for the compliments. The diary is a true account of some of the events that happened on set. While I am certainly not a fuck up (at least, not that I can tell) we do employ some folks who could certainly be considered that way. However, this was our first film. We’ve never done this before and after being on set it’s not like anyone can vouch for a porn set being the temple of professionalism!

So you put up money to do a movie with Zero Tolerance? What obligations did each side have as far as financing, cast, shooting, pre & post production?

—While I’m sure you understand why I cannot explain the complete details of our contract, we were provided the chance to casdt and direct a feature film based on the ideas that we presented to Zero Tolerance. We had total creative control. They were huge fans of the site and came right out and said, we think you can make a great film. I had several conversations with Greg Alves (the owner) that as we had never shot a film before, it might not be the best idea. However, he gave us the green light and we’ve always wanted to so we went for it. We agreed on a business relationship that (at the time) would be mutually beneficial to both sides, shot the film and now we seem to have a misunderstanding.

It’s clear that they really love what we did which is great to hear. At the time of my original press release, my understanding was that they didn’t think there was enough content for the film. However, after AVN broke the story, it seems that they love the film but it’s professionalism and compensation that seems to be at the root of the matter. Money is always the issue, isn’t it?

According to news stories there is now an argument going on as to whether or not a movie can be made out of what was shot. Would you care to tell us about each scene, the stars involved and how much footage was shot?

—As I mentioned above, it seems now that the content is not the issue. I think I can make sense of it a little for you. After completion of the film, I spoke with Greg Alves at ZT explaining that the film was done and that I believed that, even with the hassles on set and the issues we had, we had an amazing film. After watching some of the rough footage I thought it best to renegotiate our deal as the film was no longer just a basic gonzo release but something much more and our original deal didn’t seem fair. It seems now that that is the root issue, that we are asking “too much”.

Why would the footage not be usable?

—It appears that is no longer the issue on their end.

What happens if Zero Tolerance doesn’t make a movie out of what you shot?

—At this moment, I don’t know. We have legal options, but I’d really hate to go that route. All I want to do is come up with a good reward for the film we made. Look, hundreds of films come out a week and nothing looks like this film. I don’t see why we shouldn’t be rewarded for our efforts. We entered a deal PRIOR to making the movie. How can we know the value of that movie until we see it?

Well, we’ve seen it and it’s worth more than our original deal.

What deal do you have for distribution of the movie?

—Zero Tolerance has complete rights to its distribution.

Do you have a lot riding on the movie coming out and selling well?

—Absolutely, we’re a porn blog for god’s sake, we don’t have a bank roll or money flooding in the door. This movie has to sell well for us to continue what we are doing and that’s why it’s important for me now to make ZT understand that what we made is gold and we deserve better compensation.

What is your share of the back end?

—That’s one of our issues. While I’m not at liberty to discuss specifics, I will say that given the quality of what we’ve shot we are asking for more money and them to cover our airfare, hotel and all other expenses. We should not, as the creative engine behind this release, be responsible for these costs. We all the work, cast the movie, came up with the concept…all they needed to do was book the locations, rent the equipment and release the film. A monkey could do that!

Is there any kind of a set up or wrap around to make the movie about something, or a veil of a plot? Or is it just some gonzo scenes? Do you have a working title?

—We had a working title of POPPORN.com’s GUIDE TO MAKING FUCK but as of right now that’s in limbo.

What was your budget for the movie? How much of the money has been spent already?

—Our original budget was $30K, we went over budget slightly by $20K but again, when you see this film, it’s understandable why that had to happen. They make plenty of money to cover it, so why is it an issue?

What is the best end result you can hope for?

—The best result is for them to realize the worth that we have as new and original director’s…this movie, as I said, is unlike anything out there and we deserve to be compensated for it.

The worst end result?

—Legal action.

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