Monica Mayhem Rocks On!

Legions of fans know Monica Mayhem as one hot Porn Star but did you know she can also rock with the best of them?  That’s right, Monica Mayhem is more than just a hot blonde, she also fronts for the group Sweet Avenge and they have some of their original songs up on their official MySpace page.  To date the group has 5 songs posted for their fans to listen to.


Monica Mayhem has this to say about her band on their MySpace page : “Hello and welcome to our profile, I hope you all read this before emailing me pleeeeeeeeease!!! We do what we want, we write how we feel, and we play how we wanna play! Genre, what genre? In the end, it’s all Rock baby! Check out my many mood swings in our songs. We’re still writing and recording songs, I have no idea when we’ll release our first CD, gotta do it right, so I dont care how long it takes. As far as gigs go, we’re not playing yet, except for special events that come up, so please be patient! So far, everything written has been by Monica Mayhem and Cordell Crockett. We Love u and thank you all for your support. Will keep you posted! xoxo Mon”

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