Can we Free Janine?

Okay probably not but we can at least support her during her time of incarceration by joining her new website  While she is in prison she will be blogging and posting the information there exclusively.  This is a new website Janine did with the help of her friend, famed photographer Earl Miller.  Although membership to the website is a little price at nearly $30 a month, it one of the better designed porn star official websites out there.

Generate AI Porn


Be sure and listen to the Howard Stern show at 4 am PST (6 CST, 7 EST) on Tuesday March 10th.  Janine will be calling in to talk to Howard as she is driving to the prison to turn herself in.

3 thoughts on “Can we Free Janine?

  1. Dam I did not realize how heavily Janine was tattooed up these days. Any amount of updating or work she will be able to include is going to be very small. The feds will not allow much if any. Once they find out shes trying to make money off it she will get in trouble too.
    I know in the state system they can make you forfeit the cash too. Running a business and being locked up don’t go together. Especially trying to chronicle your stay.

    Decent site though. Not worth the $30 bucks though. Not in this economy.

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