Vivid Nightclub Courts Tera Patrick

Last year I told you all about a nightclub by the name of Vivid who was in the middle of a legal wrangling with Vivid Entertainment.  One would assume that since that time the lawyers for the club Vivid would have told the people running the nightclub to be careful of blurring the lines of what is Vivid in the porno world and what is Vivid in the nightclub world but apparently that is not the case.

This Friday Vivid (the night club in San Jose, CA) is celebrating their 2nd anniversary and who is going to host the party?  None other than former Vivid girl Tera Patrick.  Only to avoid any confusion they identify her as a “world famous super model” instead of a porn star.  No I’m not making this shit up.  These people really are that crazy to court disaster in their legal case against them by Vivid Entertainment.



Anyway for those of you interested in checking the club out before the courts no doubt get involved in the case yet again the part is scheduled for this Friday February 27, 200.  You should call ahead for “Vivid VIP bottle service” (408) 279-4444.

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