Worst year for Vivid? AVN Awards in Review

What a crazy fucked up night it was.  The awards show was just out there.  Lots of unexpected wins.  I think that Stoya winning best new starlet was one of those WTF moments for me.  But what stuck out the most was not who was winning awards but who wasn’t and that was Vivid.  With a tiny few exceptions most notably in the area of Monique Alexander, who recently left Vivid, they won almost no awards this year.  Could this be their worst year ever as far as awards go?  I know they’ve had a rough year but damn that’s just not like them to not go home with at least 80 of the 125 awards AVN gives out each year.  Okay I may be stretching it but it is quite unusual to go award after award after award without hearing the phrase “Vivid Entertainment”.  This was defiantly the year of Digital Playground but Wicked held its own as well.

The big winner obviously was Pirates II.  It was nominated for 30 awards, 15 of which it actually won.  But the best part of the night had to come from Jenna Haze who proudly proclaimed —

I will spread my legs forever in this fucking business for you—this is just the beginning of my sluttiness.

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