Rumor has it … Miss December

I heard an interesting little rumor today.  I heard that the Penthouse Pet for December of 2008, Tori Black may just very well be the next Vivid Girl.    My good friend over at Vivid is on holiday but when she returns I’ll hit her up and ask what she thinks.  For now we’ll just have to file it under unconfirmed rumor.  Will Tori Black be the next Vivid girl?  Only time will tell.


Update : This seems to have been just a rumor.  Calls to Vivid were returned with a “We have not heard this rumor but we can tell you it is not true.”  Tori Black did however do her first scene for Vivid in January of 2009, yet this was just a scene for hire work and that means that the person who sent me this rumor was in fact wrong, so we shall file this under unconfirmed, probably not true, rumor.  The earlier work she did was for Vivid ALT.

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