Nina oh Nina

I seen a picture on Nina Mercedez’s MySpace profile today that wasn’t her so naturally I clicked her photos to see what was going on. Never really did figure out what was going on and why that photo was up but something did catch my eye and that was photo, personal ones of Nina Mercedez and her husband at various vacation spots.  On their own it wouldn’t have caught my attention but I noticed how close these two really where and in an industry like this one where it’s full of haters and whores, both men and women, it’s nice to see two people actually in love.  So to you miss Nina Mercedez, I may give you shit about the company you work with on your myspace page, but I give you kudos for finding true love and hapiness in a fucked up world.  Through the grapevine I hear you are one hell of a gal so I wish you and your husband all the love and hapiness in the world.

update: Nina Mercedez says My photo was hijacked this morning but is fixed now.

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