Hello to you too Jenna

Have you seen the new t-shirts that Jenna is hocking over at Hello Jenna?  They actually aren’t to bad for your lady friends.  So if you can’t figure out to give …. well come to think of it, you can’t exactly give your girlfriend or wife a Jenna Jameson t-shirt, that might be a tad uncomfortable, as I’m sure most women aren’t quite as open minded about you hanging out at websites run by a porn star, but you know they would make a great gift for your favorite stripper and with the holiday season quickly approaching what better time to think of such things.

I guess I should mention that the t-shirt being shown costs like $40 bucks.  I can’t ever recall spending $40 on a t-shirt but hey what the fuck, if you are really a big spender there is apparently a $50 version as well, which she describes as the SALE price.  SALE PRICE?!   I guess Jenna really likes her shit charging those insane prices.

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