I’m alive and so is Meggan Mallone

My post won’t be as long and in depth as I would like it to be but simply put, I’m on borrowed time. I’m making these updates with an unstable power source and at any time the power could go out again. But more on that in a minute.

First is the important news and that is that the lovely Meggan Mallone is very much alive, doing well and still very much making movies. While the storm kept me away from my computer, I heard not only from Meggan Mallone but also from one of my sources inside Vivid. So what is the fucking deal with Meggan Mallone? Well she lost her Myspace page because apparently she showed some nipple on accidentally and some stupid fuck reported her. Myspace deleted her page without notice. Meggan assures me it was an accident that she didn’t mean to violate their TOS and will be more careful this time around. Meggan Mallone does have a new MySpace page up already as well.

So why wasn’t Meggan Mallone at the coming out party for the new Vivid girls?  From what I am being told is that this party was designed to celebrate the two newest Vivid girls.  Meggan Mallone signed with Vivid before Hanna Hilton and Nikki Jayne did and her introduction promotion was with Briana Banks as well as some spots on TV’s “The Insider”.

Secret Vivid Source reveals … “Although Meggan Mallone is an important member of the Vivid family, we like to try and give each of our girls equal attention.  Meggan Mallone signed on before the other two girls and this party was set up to promote them and their career.  Although she would have been welcome to come as a guest, had she been in town as the time, as with any of our girls.”

So basically what they are saying, cause ya the bullshit was long on this one, I just cut out the important pieces so basically, what they are saying is that although the three girls signed around the same time, Meggan Mallone signed first, did her big welcome promotions already and now it’s time to highlight the two new blonde babes, Hanna Hilton and Nikki Jayne.  Both Hanna Hilton and Nikki Jayne are both with LA Direct Models, Meggan Mallone is not (at least not at this time) and I’m told that LA Direct Models, played a big part in helping to plan this part and a few other upcoming promotional events for Nikki Jayne and Hanna Hilton.

Meggan Mallone’s first movie she did for Vivid is about to be released.  It is called 20 questions.  You can see on the box cover that she still has her little boobies.  I wanted to share with you the movie trailer for Meggan’s new movie but to be honest I’m not in a position to be able to upload the needed files to the server at this time so I had to have a friend try and do it for me.  If it doesn’t work I apologize in advance.  i will fix the links when I am able to but at this time I can’t even check the movie file.  Let’s just hope the shit works and if it doesn’t, I’ll fix the fucker when I can. I’m sure you all understand.

Meggan Mallone in 20 Questions

click here to view the movie trailer for 20 questions

click here for the DVD of the movie

As far as my own status, for those keeping track or those who are remotely interested, I am still here in Houston. I am alive and that’s saying a lot because seriously this hurricane was fucking insane. The devastation is pretty bad.

Milliions are still without power. Just to be clear here, MILLIONS of people that live an hour to two hours away from the coast are still without power. How fucking crazy is that bullshit? The winds from the storm did heavy damage to a lot of really nice houses.

The most fucked up thing is just how many trees went down. You just stand around and look at all the shit everywhere. The picture doesn’t show all that well but this is from a nearby backyard. The storm winds picked up massive sized trees by their fucking roots!.

The hurricane was bad, but the hell afterwards is almost just as bad. There is no gas unless you wait in line for 2 hours in hopes that you get some but who the fuck has the gas to wait in line for 2 hours to buy fucking gas?

There is no cell service. We have power now but for how long? We have it for 20 minutes, lose it for 6 hours. We get power for another 35 minutes, lose it for 2 more hours. But then again, having power for 20, 30 or even 40 minutes at a time better than not having any at all like most folks around here.

Thanks for all the letters people have sent. I have them downloaded now but I just haven’t been able to respond. The power here is unstable. We have had power for about an hour now and that is the longest we’ve had it for days. I will respond to each of you when I am able. The limited time I have at a computer with power and Internet, I’m rushing to get caught up.

I got a letter in my email from “not luke” of Luke is Back. It was a nice note from Cindi with some advice, that I didn’t get until after the fact unfortunately. I mention this letter above all the others because of something she said. She made mention of trees hitting and to avoid the windows. Ironically, this advice would have turned out to be the most beneficial. A tree crashed down and cut my arm when I peered outside for a few minutes. Thats what you get for being a stupid ass, I guess.

Here is a picture of the local store shelves. This is what you get to find when you walk into the Kroger down the street from Kelli’s house, one of the only stores that was opened today. Sure it was only opened about 4 hours and they had almost nothing to sell, but they were open nonetheless.

In the end, I’m fine. We have power but it comes and goes. They expect things to begin to get back to normal within a week. I am going to try and stay here at least for the next few days and help them with the cleanup process. The President has declared this a disaster area. So reserves are being released “soon” and that means within a day or two I will be able to get enough gas to get the fuck out of here but will stay anyway at least to help out.

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  1. Dude,

    Glad you’re ok (almost). Our house went through the southside of the eye of a Cat 5 – and anything bigger than a Cat 3 is flee-able, no shame.

    You always feel like you can ride through the first one – but you never want to do another.


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