The World’s Largest Penis

If the average man is about 6.5 inches, how big is to big and how big is the world’s largest penis?  Well according to an article at Softpedia, a man by the name of Jonah Cardeli Falcon, who lives in New York, has the world’s largest cock and is an amazing 13.5 inches big when it gets hard.

A 2006 UK Channel 4 documentary called ‘The World’s Biggest Penis’ solved the mystery: it appears to be the New Yorker Jonah Cardeli Falcon (born July 29, 1970). His willy is 9.5 in (24.13 cm) flaccid, 13.5 in (34.29 cm) erect! The average human penis is 6 in (15 cm) long. Jonah is not a nameless person: he is an American actor and talk-show host, which appeared in some sitcoms, British television shows and Hollywood movies. He was born in Brooklyn and identifies himself as bisexual.

But the huge penis is not a blessing. It rather condemns him to loneliness: there’s no match babe. He lives with his mom and his whale penis, without a girlfriend for 12 years.  “When I meet people they find it hard to look me in the eye, they just see what’s in my trousers. It’s become a real problem. When I was younger I went out in tight pants and would sleep with a different person every night, but I became burned out and disillusioned. My last relationship ended in 1996. Now I just want to find a steady girlfriend who doesn’t think I’m a freak show“, Jonah told “The Sun” two years ago.

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