Apparently Yankees are Up Tight Closet Conseravtives

I have a friend who is from the south and she loves to go on and on about how the south is so great, blah blah and they are better than “those Yankees”. One of her reasons for claims of superiority is that although southerns are conservative and sometimes unrealistic in their views of sex, at least they are open about it whereas up north, or so she says, they are up tight closet conservatives. “They pretend to be all open about sexuality but when it comes right down to it, they are just as prejudice as the rest of the country.  They aren’t open minded about shit.  They just pretend to be.  And I’m sorry that’s far worse than anything in the south.  At least down here with are open about our problems with sexuality.   Which in itself is wrong, get get me wrong, but at least we are open about it and don’t lie and pretend to be open minded when in reality we aren’t!”

Well it seems she isn’t to far off from the truth as it seems that according to a recent article in AVN, the major of Secaucus, NJ, Dennis Elwell has announced that he intends to stop the Exxxotica NY show from taking place this coming weekend at the Meadowlands Expo Center. According to, the city plans to use zoning laws to shut down the three-day adult consumer expo.

“A pornographic convention where alcohol is served in violation of state law and at a facility adjacent to a nursery school and playground is not the sort of atmosphere I’ll allow in Secaucus,” Elwell said in a statement to the press.

Elwell and other city officials have called a press conference to address the situation Monday at noon at the Harmony Early Learning Center in Secaucus.

Many of the adult industry’s biggest stars, studios and vendors are scheduled to attend Exxxotica NY, which is produced by Philadelphia-based Victory Tradeshow Management and sponsored by

AVN contacted Exxxotica organizer J. Handy, who provided the following statement:

“Victory Tradeshow Management has been made aware of the present situation surrounding our upcoming Exxxotica New York show to be held at the Meadowlands Expo Center in Secaucus, New Jersey, September 12th through the 14th. We were notified that the owners and/or representatives of the Meadowlands Expo Center have been given notice of an intended hearing. Local officials are opposing the event and are seeking legal avenues in a last-minute attempt to block the show.

“Our attorneys are in contact with the parties involved to make sure that Exxxotica New York complies with all applicable with all state and local laws, and any and all measures are being taken to make sure that the event takes place as scheduled. This consumer show is only accessible by those 18 years of age and older, and all exhibits are on the convention floor. We will keep updates as they become available on our corporate website,”

The report states that according to Elwell, one of the exhibits at the convention is called “violent dehumanization.” That description came from a blurb for Joanna Angel’s “Strip for Pain” show, which referenced “tongue-in0cheek violent dehumanization”; the event is no longer advertised on the Exxxotica NY site.

Victory Tradeshow Management has produced four successful Exxxotica conventions in Miami Beach since launching the event in 2005. This year’s Miami Beach show drew a reported 22,000 attendees.

First announced in June, the Meadowlands event is the first Exxxotica convention to be promoted in the NY/NJ area.

Update : Updates via XBIZ — Exxxotica NY changes venue

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